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Cough sometimes occurs to be a sign of some diseases such as asthma, maxillary sinusitis surgery, polyps, flu and colds to cough due to allergies. The cough is very diverse like phlegm cough & dry cough. However, in some problems cough is generally accompanied by the use of shortness of breath.

This is very dangerous because when shortness of breath, breathing will experience blockage and make us lack oxygen supply. Especially when coughing along with shortness of breath occurs many times. This certainly needs to be treated immediately to prevent respiratory blockage too often and for long. Here are some cough medicines accompanied by shortness of breath naturally that you can use.Garlic

Cough medicine accompanied by shortness of breath that you can use means garlic. Garlic you can use cough time and create a sore throat. Garlic can relieve coughing & overcoming the throat at once. Not only that, garlic is also able to overcome shortness of breath because it contains anti-inflammatory. You can consume raw garlic or use mixing it with warm soup.

Cough medicine accompanied by shortness of breath is the next use of ginger. This warm ginger is very trusted in relieving cough. And also warm ginger can overcome shortness of breath naturally. You can mix ginger in warm water then boil it or by drinking ginger tea. This is also able to overcome whether caneing causes phlegm cough – by diluting the clogging phlegm. Consume warm ginger or ginger tea three times a day to get effective results.

Licorice root is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can calm the lungs according to shortness of breath and cough. Cough medicine accompanied by shortness of breath is able to act as a sedative for the lungs and surface respiratory tract. However, before its use – preferably from the advice of the doctor.

Next is turmeric. Turmeric can be the right choice because it is very easy to find at home. Turmeric can overcome the dangers of dry cough in children 3 years due to allergies because of its nature as an anti-allergy &antioxidant. In addition, turmeric can also function as a sedative of the lungs when short of breath.

To consume it, you can mix it with milk & or honey. Simply by putting 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric into warm milk then add two teaspoons of honey & black pepper – a pinch. You can drink this in the morning and at night to receive an effective output.

Salt water is never forgotten in terms of overcoming the nose, throat to lungs. Including overcoming apples eliminate cough accompanied by shortness of breath. By gargling using salt water, able to overcome coughing while relieving shortness of breath. With just one tsp of salt &warm water, you will use quickly overcome the cough earlier. Preferably, to get effective results – gargle 3 to 4 times at once gargling, in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed.

Apparently, not only can it be consumed into a body warmer – black coffee can help you overcome how to treat cough using massage accompanied by shortness of breath. Because this black coffee can relieve your breathing. However, you only need to consume black coffee in moderation because when consumed hyperbole will have an impact in your heart and high blood pressure.

Onions & lemons? Can this be used? Of course onions and lemons are dough that can overcome shortness of breath. Although not yet poly that uses, but onions & lemon can relieve the efficacy of mucos cough medicine for the throat and shortness of breath at once. Simply use a blender of onions, a squeeze of lemon, warm water and a teaspoon and a half of honey. This mixture you can warm and drink three times a day to receive an effective output.

Thus, cough medicine accompanied by shortness of breath naturally that you can apply at home. Preferably, in consuming some of the ingredients above, accompanied by a doctor’s advice to prevent complications. But it’s okay without a doctor’s advice. I hope this article is useful.

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