Traditional medicine shortness of breath no. 1

Shortness of breath disease or also called asthma is a very excruciating disease and must be immediately overcome the disease arises due to the state of the airways that experience narrowing due to hyperactivity to certain stimuli, which cause inflammation and narrowing. In people with asthma, narrowing of the respiratory tract is a response to stimuli that in the normal lungs will not affect the respiratory tract. This narrowing can be triggered by various stimuli, such as pollen, dust, animal fur, smoke, cold air and exercise.

symptoms of shortness of breath:Health complaints such as shortness of breath are divided as 2 parts, namely pathogenic shortness of breath (due to disease) and psychogenic (due to stress) which will be an important discussion on this page is shortness of breath due to disease, namely symptoms of abnormalities in the heart. You must understand that there is a difference between shortness of breath due to abnormalities in the heart and lungs, shortness of breath from heart abnormalities can be observed based on fatigue, breathing on and fast, breathing stopped during sleep, feeling tight when sleeping using one pillow, coughing up a frothy drought accompanied by blood. Shortness of breath due to heart In addition to pain in the chest is almost generically the cause of shortness of breath from the heart based on the heart and classified as the biggest complaint, shortness of breath due to heart abnormalities is a reaction of the condition that the heart can not perform its function properly. Lack of blood flowing in the vessels that transport oxygen to the heart. One type of pain in the heart muscle or claimed also angina can cause a person difficult to breathe the impact of reduced oxygen supply that can be caused by plaque buildup that results in blocked blood vessels.

Causes of shortness of breath:or shortness breath generically on the second divide in 2 hordes, namely psychic factors and factors that improve respiratory performance. But the nucleus based on breathing is the oxygen that the body expects in the process of cell metabolism. Here we explain some of the causes of shortness of breath that often occur and are dangerous for the health of Shortness of Breath Suddenly Environmental Factors – A humid environment accompanied by cold air can be the cause of shortness of breath. In addition, if too much pollen (pollen) according to flowers can also create shortness of breath. Environments that are a lot of smoke & dust can also trigger prolonged shortness of breath. The buildup of particles in the nasal passages can also be caused by cigarette smoke which can sometimes reduce the level of oxygen supply into the body. Causes of shortness of breath – Causes of shortness of breath also occurs when a person from the beginning has lungs &other respiratory organs that are weak.

People with weak respiratory conditions are advised not to work until they are too tired because it will weaken the performance of the respiratory organs. Although the body naturally has a natural protective mechanism, there will be some body reactions such as asthma and allergies. These symptoms are an indication that the body is fighting the disease. Bone Arrangement – Abnormal arrangement and tense muscle state in the upper shoulder will result in inhibition of the performance of nerve sensors to and from the lungs and become the cause of shortness of breath. Lack of Fluids – If the body lacks fluid then mucus in the respiratory tract & lungs will thicken and result in shortness of breath. This condition for example will also be used by bacteria to multiply and cause respiratory disorders. Unstable Emotions – In problems such as depression, anxiety, and fear will generally be followed using things in breathing. Usually people who are affected by symptoms for example it will more often hold their breath or breathe air too often and a little and be the cause of shortness of breath such as breathing for breath. If the psychic disorder lasts in an outdated time will cause hormonal disorders & production of adrenal glands related to the immune system of the body. From an early age children should be given an understanding of good and valid ways of breathing in order to receive the benefits in the long term so that it has a positive impact on the physical and psychological of a child later. How to quickly overcome it and treat it traditionally, naturally and without side effects:

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