8 Ways to Treat Shortness of Breath Naturally Without Medication, Recognize the Cause

Liputan6.com, Jakarta How to overcome shortness of breath needs to be considered by sufferers. Because, this condition is very excruciating and makes you uncomfortable. As one of the relatively common complaints experienced by poly people, shortness of breath can be mild or even to life-threatening.

Shortness of breath itself is a condition when you have difficulty in breathing or do not relatively receive air intake. This certainly creates a person who experiences it feels uncomfortable, even this can cause other cases according to the cause.

How to overcome shortness of breath you can do by doing a few simple steps. This can certainly relieve your shortness of breath as long as the condition is still mild. If in an emergency, try to immediately see a doctor.

Here are Liputan6.com summarized according to many sources, Sunday (08/29/2021) on how to overcome shortness of breath. Causes of Shortness of Breath

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Before recognizing how to overcome shortness of breath, you certainly need to know the cause first. The cause of shortness of breath can occur due to problems in the respiratory organs or other problems. Here are some causes of shortness of breath that need to be understood:

Hernia Hiatal How to Overcome Shortness of Breath

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How to overcome shortness of breath certainly can not be careless. The cause needs to be considered before applying how to overcome shortness of breath. In addition, shortness of breath that occurs can only occur in short or long term.

If the shortness of breath you experience is not in an emergency, you are able to take a few simple steps. How to overcome shortness of breath naturally you can apply, which is to be the following:

Pursed-lip breathing is a simple way to control shortness of breath. Pursed lip breathing creates more effective breathing using it to make it slower and more regular. This lip breathing increases the lung &respiratory procedure at once. Here’s how:

1. Sit on your back straight or lie down.

two. Relax the neck & shoulder muscles

3. Take a breath through the nose for two months while closing the oral

4. Feel the air go to the stomach, try to fill the stomach using air.

five. Wrinkle the lips like they are whistling, and then exhale for four ounces.

Sitting using the body leaning forward

How to overcome shortness of breath next is to rest while sitting. This can help relax the body and make breathing easier.

Try to sit in a chair with flat legs, leaning your chest slightly forward.

Place your elbows on your knees gently or hold your chin with your hands.

Make sure to keep the neck and shoulder muscles permanently relaxed.

If you have a table, you can use it to set a more comfortable forward sitting position. This can help regulate the breath to be more relaxed. Sit on a chair facing the table. Lean your chest slightly forward and place your hands on the table. Place your head on your forearm or on a pillow.

Drinking fresh ginger using added warm water can also be used as a way to overcome shortness of breath. Ginger is effective in fighting viruses that are a common cause of respiratory infections. How to Deal with Shortness of Breath

If you have difficulty breathing but can not find a seat, the way to overcome shortness of breath that can be done is to lean on a strong surface. The best place to do it is to find a wall & lean back. This will help relax the body & airways.

Standing can also help relax the body & airways when short of breath. Standing using a wall can help smooth breathing. Stand near the wall and place your hips on the wall. Position the legs shoulder-width apart & place both hands on the thighs. With relaxed shoulders, lean the body slightly forward & hang your arms on the front.

Stand near a table or other flat and sturdy furniture that is just below shoulder height. Rest your elbows or hands on the furniture, keeping your neck permanently relaxed. Stand with your hands supported on the table, to release weights based on your feet.

Lying in a comfortable position

The next way to overcome shortness of breath is to lie down comfortably.

Try lying on your side using pillows on your feet and chair.

– Make sure the legs and head lift the pillow, keep the back permanently straight.

In addition, you can also lie on your back with the chairman elevated & knees bent, using pillows below the knees.

Both of these positions help the airways relax, making breathing easier. Many people experience shortness of breath during sleep. This can cause a person to wake up often which can reduce the quality &duration of sleep.

Furthermore, a controlled cough can also help you breathe better. Coughing has a relative strength to loosen the blockage of mucus in the respiratory tract.

Try to make a cough two-3 times through the open oral with a sitting position. Cough must be strong and sharp so that the mucus that blocks can come out using easily. How to Deal with Shortness of Breath

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Diaphragmatic breathing can also be done as a way to overcome shortness of breath. Diaphragmatic breathing is a type of breathing exercise that helps strengthen the diaphragm. This breathing exercise is also sometimes considered abdominal breathing. Here’s how:

1. Sit on a chair using bent knees & shoulders, chairman, and relaxed neck. It can also be done while lying down.

two. Place one hand flat on the upper chest and the other hand on the abdomen.

3. Take a slow breath through the nose. In diaphragmatic breathing, the hands on the stomach must dabble, while the hands on the chest must remain still.

4. Exhale out through verbally using pursed lips.

five. Keep exhaling more worn out based on general before slowly inhaling again.

6. Repeat for about 5 mins.

Research has found that cold air can help relieve shortness of breath. Using a fan to blow air in the nose &paras can reduce the sensation of shortness of breath.

The air power when inhaling makes it feel like more air is entering. This treatment has been shown to be effective in reducing the sensation of shortness of breath.

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