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Fever is a condition of the body characterized using a body temperature that reaches more than 37.five degrees Celsius. Fever is usually caused by an infection in the body. And when a fever occurs, there will generally be some signs that follow. Some people may experience signs of high fever and shortness of breath. What caused that? Here are some explanations.

Causes of Shortness of Breath when Fever

Basically the condition of fever will cause the body’s metabolism to be disrupted. Often there will be an increase in pulse rate, changes in blood flow, and so on. Some people are also able to experience an increase in the frequency of breathing. And it is not impossible if shortness of breath also occurs. However, the case of Fever Accompanied by Shortness of Breath is very sporadic, unless suffering from a lot of health cases related to using the respiratory tract, for example this is it.Flu

Flu or also known as influenza is a viral infection that causes disorders of the respiratory tract. Flu Fever Infection In children and adults can actually heal easily, as long as the immune system is able to see the cause of the flu. Although nir directly causes shortness of breath, but the symptoms of nasal congestion can make people with the flu quite difficult to breathe.Bonchitis (inflammation of the bronchi)

The bronchi are the airways that connect the throat using the lungs. Bronchitis attacks the bronchi. Most causes of bronchitis are viral infections. However, some risk factors can cause a person to easily contract bronchitis, such as smokers. This disease can increase excessive mucus production in the respiratory tract, so it can cause signs.cough, high fever &shortness of breath.Pneumonia

Better known as wet lung disease, pneumonia is a form-filled error in the air sacs in the lungs resulting in air sacs in the lungs filled with fluid. The fluid will damage the circulation and exchange of air in the lungs as a result of making some symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, and cough. Beware if the symptoms of Fever Children Up and Down Accompanied by Cold Cough because it can be caused by this respiratory disorder.Pulmonary TB

This respiratory disease may have been heard often. Pulmonary TB or better known as TB disease is one type of lung infection caused by bacteria type Mycobacteriun tuberculosis. This infection can cause high fever and shortness of breath as well as coughing symptoms. Infection characterized by the appearance of Fever in TB patients needs to be treated immediately using well because if nir, bacteria can spread more uncontrollably and interfere with other organs.Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a type of disease that interferes with the respiratory tract. This disease is another name based on inflammation of the sinuses. Symptoms are not far away based on respiratory cases, such as runny nose, fever, to difficulty breathing.Tumors or lung and throat cancers

Other diseases that can show symptoms of shortness of breath during fever are tumors or cancers that attack organs in the respiratory tract such as the throat or lung area. Cancer or tumors are able to disrupt air circulation that was previously normal so that sufferers will have difficulty breathing due to the development of the tumor or cancer itself.

Those are some of the possible causes of symptoms of high fever and shortness of breath can occur. Actually there are several other types of diseases, however, diseases that attack the respiratory organs are more likely to cause symptoms earlier.

If you experience the signs above, here are some things you can do to overcome them.You should see a doctor to find out the cause based on the symptoms that arise. The doctor will study the cause. This is crucial because it can be a symptom that is caused by the disease focusing.Treatment will be given in accordance with the campaign suffered. However, if the cause is bacteria, such as pulmonary TB, treatment can be in the form of antibiotics for fever. In addition, breath relief and fever-lowering drugs can also be given by a doctor.Should sufferers rest a lot so that stamina to recover to fight the cause of fever.Enough water and fluids need to be consumed healthily because it can prevent loss of body fluids due to high fever.Compressing the body is also able as one of the procedures to reduce body temperature naturally & safely.If the cause of difficulty breathing is just a common cold infection, some therapies can be done, for example but things. In addition, using herbal ingredients to relieve the throat can also be done.Healthy culinary consumption during fever occurs and avoid the types of foods that can trigger the formation of mucus hyperbole.Comply with all doctor’s recommendations to recover quickly according to the condition.

Such are some explanations of high fever and shortness of breath that need to be known. Good luck to you.

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