18 Good and Safe Children’s Cough Medicines (Updated 2021)

When the child has a cough, of course, the mother wants to treat it immediately. In addition to being able to be treated with natural and traditional remedies, when this has many choices of child cough medicine. Do not choose because before choosing cough medicine children try to know the type of cough child. Whether cough phlegm, dry, or cough accompanied by fever. In order not to be confused, check the recommendations of children’s cough medicines that are conducive and easy to get. These 18 amazing and safe children’s cough medicines to consume

This recommended child cough medicine is intended for the age of 1 year and above and can easily get it at the pharmacy. Must remember, in addition to depending on the age of the child, the gift of cough medicine must also be in accordance with the child’s weight.

Then before checking the recommendations of her child’s cough medicine, the mother also tries to find out first tips to determine the best child cough medicine here is. Tips for determining children’s cough medicine Do not until the wrong choice of child cough medicine, Ma’am. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Actually, mak should not be careless when choosing a child’s cough medicine. Especially if the child is under 5 years old. Of course, mak must pay attention to the content. It is best to consult first using a pediatrician so as not to choose errors. Here are some ways to choose a child’s cough medicine. Know your child’s medical history

Some children are allergic to certain chemicals. Usually, this will suggest his body system. When choosing a child’s cough medicine, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will know cough medicines that do not contain allergens for children. Obey the age of use of cough medicine children

Non-child cough medicine can be used at all ages. Pay attention to the information provided in the packaging of the drug earlier. Follow the dose in sync with age. If the mini weight is less or more than the child his age, the mother should consult a doctor. It could be, the mother’s child will be given a dose that is not synchronized from the specified on the packaging. three. Follow the child’s cough medicine grace routine

I want my little one to heal quickly. Preferably, follow the child’s cough medicine gift budget in children. For example, it should be given three x on 1 day. Then, the drug must be taken for 3 days. This must be obeyed even though the child’s cough has subsided. This is so that the mini recovers completely. Find out first the type of cough experienced by the child

Every type of cough has a way of handling and drugs that are not synchronized. Therefore, it is important for mak to know the type of cough experienced by the mini. This is so that the child recovers using aporisma. Pay attention to whether the child has a dry cough, phlegm cough, or cough due to allergies. Do not put adult cough medicine for children.

You should not put adult cough medicine on children on the grounds that you have reduced the dose to half according to the adult portion, yes. The needs of children using adults are not aligned, and the content in adult cough medicine is also not synchronized using the content of child cough medicine. It’s a good and safe child cough medicine recommendation.

If you have done the way of selection, it’s time to buy the necessary child cough medicine. Here is a brand of children’s cough medicine products that are conducive to be used by the little one. Please check, and consult using a doctor to choose the right for the child. 1. Hufagripp Cough Cold Medicine (BP) Suitable child cough medicine is consumed when the child has a cold. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Coughing pain in children can occur using some of the same companion signs. It can be a cold or a cold. For this reason, the drug chosen is not the same. Hufagrip has a variant or type for each cough accompanied by the signs of the flu or cold.

If your child has signs of cough accompanied by using a cold, namely cough (generally dry) and accompanied by an itchy throat and stuffy nose, then you are able to determine the green Cough Cold (BP). Every five milliliters of Hufagrip BP contains Chlorpheniramine maleate (CTM) for allergies, pseudoephedrin overcomes nasal congestion, & dextromethorphan HBr which serves to suppress cough, especially mild throat and bronchial irritation.

This child cough medicine is available in the form of syrup measuring 60 ml. Keep in mind, the content can create drowsiness, so try to exclusively rest children. Reduce the activity of a solid child so that the cough is completely relieved. Hufagripp Flu & BatukCaption

Different from using Hufagrip BP, Hufagrip Flu uses yellow packaging is intended for cough (generally phlegm) which is part of the flu symptoms. Symptoms of this flu are slightly different using a cold, namely not only itching throat and nasal congestion, but also accompanied by fever.

For that, the content is also slightly different using Hufagrip BP, which contains paracetamol which is powerful to reduce fever. In addition, there is also the content of chlorphenamine maleate (overcoming allergies or rhinitis), pseudoephedrine HCL (overcoming nasal congestion), and glyceryl guaiacolate (to relieve coughing and smooth the production of phlegm).

Just like Hufagrip BP, you can give this medicine after eating, using a dose three times a day two spoons of takar for children aged 6-12 years. Then, 3 times a day 1 spoon takar for children aged two-6 years. It should not be consumed by children under the age of two. Available in a 60 milliliter wrap with a fruity tutty flavor that children really like.

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The next child’s cough medicine is Actifed Plus Expectorant. This product is a cough medicine to relieve colds and phlegm cough. Actifed Plus Expectorant cough medicine is able to be safe for the child from the age of 2 years to adults, but adjust using the dose of giving. If the child has a dry cough, give actifed cough medicine a red color.

Actifed Plus Expectorant has expectorant work. That is, this drug works to reduce the viscosity of mucus using a way to increase the volume and water content according to throat secretions. That way, this child’s cough medicine will help the expenditure of sputum. This is because it contains compounds according to the pyrolidine group that can suppress the central nervous system, so this drug will cause drowsiness.

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Just like Hufagrip BP, cough medicine Vicks Formula 44 Children also contain dextromethorphan HBr. This content works using a way to suppress the cough center in the brain and reduce the reaction of coughing without phlegm. This child cough medicine product is made to relieve cough due to colds, respiratory infections, inflammation in the nose, and strep throat.

Children’s cough medicine worth Rp15 thousand is suitable for treating phlegm or phlegm cough accompanied by allergies. This syrupy child cough remedy is only available strawberry flavor. With its sweetness, it is certain that children will not be afraid to take cough medicine.

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Triaminic Expectorant and Cold medicine can also be a choice of cough medicine children if the mini begins to explain the symptoms of phlegm cough. This cough medicine product can overcome cold symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion and coughing & breath choked due to colds.

This child cough medicine costs Rp64 thousand with lemon flavor contains pseudoephedrine HCl and guaifenesin. Pseudoephedrine works using dilating the respiratory tract and constricting blood vessels, especially those leading to the nasal cavity and throat. Guaifenesin works using collecting phlegm and increasing the speed of its expenditure.

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Obh Combi is known as a cough medicine for adults. But apparently, OBH Combi products are also available for children who are able to relieve cough. In addition, this rp18 thousand product is also able to relieve cough accompanied by flu, fever, headache, stuffy nose, and sneezing.

OBH Combi Anak Batuk Plus Flu contains paracetamol which works as a fever reliever while reducing pain in the chairman. Succus liquiritiae and Ammonium chloride extracts help dilute sputum & pseudoephedrine content. In addition, it can also prevent nasal congestion due to colds &flu. There is also Chlorpheniramine maleate that works to overcome allergies due to itching in the throat. The content is complete enough to treat cough in the signs of the flu, right, ma’am?

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