This is Niiihh. Natural Remedies For Cough Accompanied by Shortness of Breath

rahmanamarMemberJoined:Dec 24, 2015Messages:185Likes Received:12Trophy Points:18The following are natural remedies that you can use to overcome cough accompanied by shortness of breath, one of which can overcome serious respiratory cases:The First Traditional MedicineMemento flowers, it turns out that plants that have the aroma of this therapy have uses to overcome cough accompanied by shortness of breath due to bronchitis. How to make it used as medicine is to rub enough memento flowers until boiling. Consumption of sari water from memento flowers as much as once a day. To add flavor, please mix honey to taste.Second Traditional MedicineGraceful wood and honey, quoted from, the blend according to this natural ingredient has been considered to overcome many kinds of diseases. One of them is to overcome coughing and shortness of breath. The trick, sip 2.five grams of cinnamon and 1/2 cup of hot water, mix honey to taste and mix well until evenly distributed. Consumption of the herb was in the morning and evening after eating.Third Traditional MedicinePrepare three cardamom items and 3 glasses of water. You can boil it until it boils until one glass remains, drain and consume the boiled water earlier.Fourth Traditional MedicineYou need to prepare 1 grain of lime, 1 spoon of palm sugar and two pieces of garlic. Cut & squeeze the lime, put the mashed garlic, and put 1 tablespoon of palm sugar. Brew with one glass of hot water, consumed once a day in the morning.Fifth Traditional MedicinePrepare 10-15 grams of dry case plant & water 4 glasses. How to make it is to heat a dry case in 4 cups of water until it boils until 2 glasses remain. Drain – consume by twice a day one glass.Sixth Traditional MedicineSurely you not infrequently hear ginger drink?, ginger is very good for relieving the throat according to coughing and shortness of breath. How to make it is to prepare three segments of ginger, burn ginger looks a bit brown, mashed and brewed with hot water. You can mix palm sugar or honey as a flavor enhancer.Those are some ways to overcome cough accompanied by shortness of breath using natural ingredients, very easy, right?

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Intan WulandariMemberJoined:Nov 15, 2017Messages:43Likes Received:1Trophy Points:8Tips to 2 often pake tuh, but the mixture of honey + lime aja plus diligently drink warm water so that the cough heals fasterCan be tried if you cough, let it be more natural

Reza FikriMemberJoined:Oct three, 2018Messages:20Likes Received:2Trophy Points:8Thanks for the info.Similar Threads – Niiihh Prescription Drugs

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