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Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing is indeed an indication that there is something wrong in the health of the respiratory tract and lung organs. Asthma is an example of shortness of breath that is very disturbing and so comfortable. Shortness of breath is also known to be long-term and can affect anyone.

Both children and adults can get respiratory diseases like this. Then it would be better if you know every natural shortness of breath drug that is most tricked so that you do not need to rely on chemical drugs. Below are some natural remedies that you can make a certificate so that when shortness of breath strikes there is no need to panic anymore.

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Maybe not many understand that black coffee is not only delicious enjoyed when relaxing, but black coffee can also be relied on to be a shortness of breath remedy. This is because the caffeine content in it can help so that respiratory muscle fatigue is reduced. Simply put, the caffeine in black coffee will also improve respiratory function as a result good for asthmatics.How: Make black coffee of 1-two cups only & then you can drink to create shortness of breath as lighter. Breath that was difficult finally able to return to normal after several times consuming this black coffee. But know the limits and do not overdo it because it can trigger high blood pressure and cause heart palpitations.2. Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is also called using the word abdominal breathing or where this breathing exercise can be used as a medicine for shortness of breath. Remember that shortness of breath can be managed using both the diaphragmatic breathing. Drugs with this one method will be very useful for people with COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.How to: Start by laying your body on your back, then the hands can be placed on the stomach & relax your muscles. Take a deep breath through the nose and expand the stomach to fill the lungs with air. For a few months hold the breath that has been taken earlier and exhale slowly through the expression so that the air in the lungs can be emptied. Repetition is very necessary and do five-10 mins a day 2-3 times.

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This method of treatment of shortness of breath is by inhaling steam and will keep the permanent respiratory tract always smooth. Moist and hot steam will also help soften and dilute the thick mucus that creates shortness of breath.How: Provide a bowl and fill using hot water, only then add the essential oil a few drops only. Whether it’s peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil, it’s up to you because it’s tailored using taste. After mixing it, the paras can be positioned just above the bowl with a towel placed on top of the chairman. Start using deep-on breaths & do this for a few mins. When shortness of breath occurs, immediately provide hot water in this bowl because this remedy is simple but known to be tricked in relieving breathing instantly.4. Beet Root

To treat shortness of breath, beet root is very beautiful, let alone used as a shortness of breath medicine because of anemia impact based on iron deficiency. Eating beet root is the best because the condition will be directly overcome and you will feel quickly improved. Because the content of vitamins, potassium, iron, & calcium is high, beet root you can rely on in treating shortness of breath.Way 1: Ambul juz extract from 1 medium-sized beetroot, plus also coupled with sweet potato 1/2 fruit, spinach a handful of hands and also carrots 3 pieces. All ingredients after being cut into pieces can be combined with juice made. Then juz can be drunk every day for the sake of natural shortness of breath.Way two: An alternative way to consume it is to use baking as much as 1-2 beet tubers as hard as the skin. After that let it until the condition is colder then you are able to peel it and eat it. Enjoy with pepper and salt to make it taste better. Eating every day is the best way to make shortness of breath faster as better.

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Although there are side effects of ginger that is not relatively good when consuming it excessively, basically ginger is a versatile natural ingredient & penu benefits. For asthmatics, ginger is very functional at relieving breathing. Even respiratory tract contractions can be inhibited by this one material. A study has also illustrated that there are still compounds that increase the impact of muscle relaxion according to certain asthma drugs in ginger.Way 1: Take juz or ginger juice which can then be mixed using honey and pomegranate juz each with the same dose. This mixture needs to be consumed 2-3 times as much as 1 tbsp only every time you drink.Way 2: Provide ginger 1 inch which can then be cut into small minis. Put it in boiling water in a container in the form of a pot. Brew for about five minutes, then leave for a moment until it’s cooler. Only then can you consume it.How 3: Provide ginger powder 1 teaspoon along with water of 1 1/2 cups water. Next, you can take one tbsp to drink before going to bed. Drinking it every day until shortness of breath is lost is highly recommended.Way 4: Prepare enough ginger that is still raw and if you dare, eat the ginger raw after peeling. Like when people contract cough disease, eat ginger using salt mixed. Consuming it 1-two times every day can relieve shortness of breath without side effects.Way five: There is another 1 way that can clean the lungs and detoxify them naturally. Provide 1 tsp of ginger juz along with using honey using the same dose. Then prepare the herb fenugreek 1 tablespoon taken from the seeds only & put in a cup of water. Honey & ginger can be mixed into the fenugreek and the solution can be drunk. For aporisma output, daily morning and evening consumption without bolong will be much better.6. Garlic

Maybe some people are quite afraid and worried about the dangers of raw garlic, not to mention the side effects of garlic. But regardless of it all, if consumed correctly & at the right dose, then actually garlic puts aporisma results, including on the treatment of shortness of breath.How: Take 2-3 cloves of garlic that you can then heat along with milk of a quarter cup. After lifting, wait for the cold ampai & then you can drink it. This one natural remedy is very effective in helping to smooth the jammed respiratory tract. In early stage asthmatics, garlic is a clear herb for lung health.

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Shortness of breath due to asthma can be treated with mustard oil. This oil is a type of oil that can completely cleanse the respiratory tract and create normal breathing back for example. Sudden asthma attacks no longer need to panic you.How: Provide mustard oil that you can then boil together using a little camphor. Once heated, pour the results into a mini bowl. In warm conditions, this oil can be taken enough to rub on the chest and back surface while giving a massage. This method will effectively relieve shortness of breath as long as its use is done several times a day.8. Eucalyptus Oil

This type of oil is known to be an oil that can be a warmer when the body feels cold. Eucalyptus oil, especially pure ones, can be used as a relief medicine for shortness of breath which is a symptom of asthma. Decongestant, eucalyptus oil has been researched that in it there is eucalyptol content that is able to break down mucus.Way 1: Just take a few drops according to this eucalyptus oil where it can be dripped especially on the paper towel. Compress it on the chairman for example when the towel is compressed with fever time. Do it perfectly before going home to bed as a result you can inhale the aroma when before going to bed.Way 2: Alternatively, another way is to drip two-3 drops of eucalyptus oil into boiling water in a saucepan. The steam can be inhaled as previously described. Only using deep breathing, the output that can be obtained will be very fast in relieving shortness of breath symptoms of any disease.

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