5 Types of Generic Drugs For Asthma Pain Complete With Explanation

Asthma is a mistake of one disease that attacks the human respiratory system, especially in the lungs that generally occurs over a long period of time. To treat this disease you need a common remedy for asthma pain that works to overcome the narrowing reaction in the respiratory tract when exposed to asthma triggers. One of the easiest patent asthma drugs to use is a drug in the form of a spray. How to use this spray asthma medication is to use spraying medicinal fluid into the throat when shortness of breath recurs.

Until now it is not known exactly what causes asthma. This is because asthma can be very unequal specifically in everyone. However, the cause of a person suffering from asthma is able to identify according to several factors that affect it, for example:HeredityHistory of ISPA infectionHaving a viral infection as a babyHave similar allergies that are called atopyReactive to foreign substances in the air (such as dust, pollutants, cigarette smoke, ammonia, and so on)

A person who has asthma will experience the following symptoms:Prolonged coughingMaking a sound like whistling while breathingShortness of breathPain in the chest

Asthma treatment can be done by putting drugs that work as anti-allergy, prevent inflammation, and overcome narrowing in the respiratory tract. Asthma medications are generally divided into several types depending on the shape and manner of use. Some asthma medications are consumed by eating (related to the mouth) and there are also those that are used using a spray.

Here we give five certificates of general medicine for asthma pain that you can get at the pharmacy: 1. Berotec

Berotec asthma spray is an asthma drug that has been very often used to overcome asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath, and prolonged cough.

Composition: Fenoterol HBrIndications: Used in symptomatic therapy as a reliever for signs of asthma, nir can be used as a primary drug to cure asthma.The dose for acute asthma treatment is given 1 spray, if after 5 min has not improved then it can be given a second dose. Use of aporisma of 8 sprays / dayContraindication: Takiarrhythmia &cardiomyopathy (obstructive hypertrophic)Caution: Use in patients who have uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarction, heart defects, people with blood vessel abnormalities, a history of hyperthyroidismie, people with acute shortness of breath. Beware of use in pregnant women the first trisemester, mak breastfeeding. In long-term use mandatory under the supervision of doctors or other medical personnel using the addition of anti-inflammatory drugs. Monitor potassium levels in the blood during long-term use.Side Effects: Can cause nervousness, the effect of shaking in the oto skeletal, experiencing dizziness, chest palpitations that are accompanied by headaches, stomach nausea accompanied by vomiting, excessive sweating, symptoms of myalgia, muscle cramps, and hypokalemia. The use of drugs can also cause muscle weakness and decreased motor function.Drug Interactions: An anticholinergic adrenergic in xantin derivate that can increase the impact of barotec. Potentially reduce the impact of drugs if on use together with I2-blocker compounds. The use of drugs along with the inhibition drug mono amin oxidase or MAOI must receive close supervision from doctors or other medical personnel. The inhalation process based on the anesthesia of halogenated hydrocarbons is very likely to result in the susceptibility of the cardiovascular endurance system.Packaging: Inhaler (spray)two. Lasmaline

The name of the asthma drug in the next pharmacy is Lasmalin. This common remedy for asthma pain is a drug in the form of tablets that can be used to overcome the effects of recurrent shortness of breath in chronic asthma sufferers. In addition to asthma this drug is also commonly used in healing therapies for patients with acute bronchitis.

Composition: Terbutaline sulfateIndications: To treat asthma, both according to bronchial and chronic asthma types, treating chronic bronchitis and emphysema can also be used in the treatment of other types of lung diseases that are accompanied by complications of bronchospasm &inflammation.Dosage: For adults give treatment 2-3 times a day as much as 1-two tablets, for children give two-3 times a day as much as 1 tabletServing: This medicine can be taken after meals or before mealsHow to Store: Store in room temperature, dry, not humid, and avoid the heat of the sun.Caution: This drug should not be consumed along with the drug beta adrenoreceptor blockers & other sympathomimetic drugs.Side Effects: Can result in tremors, nausea, and palpitationsPackaging: 10 Tablets / Strips3. Asmasolon

Generic drugs for asthma pain the next is Asmasolon. Drugs in this form of tablets are used to help asthmatics in relieving shortness of breath, inflammation of bronchitis and other respiratory system disorders.

Composition: Contains anhydrous theophylline 130 mg & Ephedrine HCl 12.5 mgIndications: To treat asthma well according to other types of asthmatic bronchitis &bronchial asthma, bronchhospasm &efisema, chronic bronchitis, and allergic-impact asthma (rhinitis)For adults give 3-4 x / day as much as 1-2 tablets. For children give two x / day as much as 1/2-1 tablet.Serving: The drug can be consumed along with food if on the previous gift is enjoyed signs of non-delicious on the stomach, nausea or vomiting.Caution: Use in people with kidney disorders &liver function, use in people with lack of oxygen levels (hypoxemia). Not on the advice made on use in pregnant women & nursing mothers, children & elderly.Side Effects: Can result in chair pain, arrhythmias, ventricular symptoms, nausea in the stomach, vomiting, &insomnia.Packaging: 1 Strip4. Bricasma

Bricasma is one type of common remedy for asthma based on the bronchodilator group that can be used to treat symptoms of shortness of breath in acute and chronic asthma sufferers.

Composition: terbutaline sulfate 2.5mgIndications: treating asthma, relieving symptoms of shortness of breath.Dosage: give 2-3 times 1 tablet / day.Presentation: Mandatory medicine at the completion of the mealCaution: Be aware of use in hypersensitive sufferers of terbutaline sulfateSide Effects: Causes muscle cramps, nausea, heart palpitations, and palpitations.Packaging: 10 Tablets / Strips5. Seretide

Seretide is the name of a spray shortness of breath drug that works as an inhalation drug for asthmatics. Generic drugs for asthma pain are used by spray whenever asthma symptoms recur.

Composition: Contains flutikason propionate 50 mcg and salmeterol sinapoate 25 mgIndications: Relieve signs of asthma such as shortness of breath. It can also be used for routine therapy.Dosage: For children over two years of age give two sprays 2 times / dayServing: Sprayed directly into the throatSide Effects: Can cause irritation to the expression &throat, trigger fungus, hoarseness, cramping in the muscles, and triggers chair painPackaging: 1 Pcs

Such is the explanation and prescription of some common medicines for asthma pain that we can recommend for you. All of the above drugs have been checked based on their function and benefits for the cure of asthma. May a speedy recovery be given and always facilitated his path. Get Well Soon!!

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