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COPD disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to date may not be very well known. But actually this disease has quite typical symptoms, you know.

Including shortness of breath, coughing and fatigue easily. In order not to galat, let’s get to know more about COPD disease! What is COPD disease?

COPD or chronic obstuctive lung disease is a group of lung diseases that block the flow of air and make it difficult for you to breathe.

This disease is a generic condition that affects adults, especially smokers. These breathing problems tend to get worse based on time and can affect productivity.

Some of the major cases in this disease can injure the lungs and result in increased respiratory resistance. Other forms can evoke excessive secretion of phlegm as a result of which the lungs are not able to clean it. Causes of COPD

The main cause of COPD disease is smoking. Not only that, someone who is exposed to cigarette smoke also has a high risk of experiencing it.

Here are some of the causes of COPD disease, including:Air pollution, including biomass fuels used for processing, or pollutants at work, such as dust and chemicalsPeople who lack certain proteins (alpha-1 antitrypsin), which play a role in protecting the lungsPeople who suffer from regular respiratory infections during childhoodSuffering from other respiratory diseases such as asthmaSymptoms of COPD disease

In general, signs of COPD disease are often non-existent until the occurrence of lung damage that is more severe. Especially if in smokers, symptoms will worsen the more worn out. Here are some signs that can be there:Short breath, especially exercise timeRecurrent mild coughA sense of wanting to clear sputum in the throat (jostle) often in the morning

The above symptoms are early signs that if not noticed the signs can worsen because of the wider lung damage.

Symptoms that may appear such as:Shortness of breath even when exercising lightly, walking or climbing stairs WheezingChest feels tightCoughing up kroning using or without phlegmFeeling like cleaning the phlegm in the throat every dayFrequent fever &fluFeeling tiredSwelling in the legsWeight lossExamination and diagnosis of COPD disease

Generically, most of these diseases are not diagnosed until the disease develops. Usually the doctor will do several tests to diagnose the patient. Here are some tests that are generally done, including: Blood tests

Blood tests are done to check for antitricin alpha-1 in the patient’s body. Lung function test

Spirometry is an inspection performed to objectively measure lung capacity or function (windows) in patients using medical indications. The device used is considered a spirometer. X-ray photo of the chest of the lungrontgen. Photo:

Usually will be done thoracic photos to see if there is still emphysema which is one of the causes of this disease. CT scan

This is done to help detect emphysema & help determine if the patient needs an surgical procedure. Electrocardiogram and echocardiogram

This is done to investigate the condition of the heart in people with COPD disease. Treatment of COPD disease

Treatment aimed at relieving symptoms and damaging their development. For example: Giving medical drugs

Doctors generally give some of these drugs in people with COPD disease, including:Theophylline serves to improve breathing and prevent worsening of the diseaseMucolytic serves to thin sputum or mucusCorticosteroids serve to reduce respiratory tract inflammationAntibiotics when there are indications of lung infectionOperation

Usually this surgery is done in people with COPD with severe emphysema whose symptoms can not be relieved using drug administration or therapy.

For example, a lung transplant, which is surgery to remove damaged lungs to be replaced with healthy lungs according to donors. Pulmonary rehabilitation

This is an event that includes sports training, patient education, dietary guidelines and counseling. The goal according to this therapy is to improve the quality of life of people with COPD.

This disease can cause many other complications, for example:Respiratory infections, usually people with this disease will be susceptible to flu & pneumoniaHeart problems, this disease can increase the risk of heart disease, one of which is a heart attack.High blood pressure, basically this disease can result in high blood pressure in the arteries that carry blood to the lungs (pulmonary hypertension)Depression, sufferers generally have difficulty breathing makes you unable to do poly things. This condition can make you long after experiencing depression.Oang using COPD has a high risk of lung cancerPrevention of COPD disease

Although this disease can not be cured, there are several ways you can do, including: Stop smoking.

The most crucial action expected to slow the severity of the disease and improve quality of life is to quit smoking. Either smoking actively or passively. Regular exercise

For people with this disease are required to exercise regularly. This can improve your signs and quality of life. For that ask the sports doctor what is suitable for you to do. Keep the diet

Get all the nutrients your body needs, visit your doctor or nutritionist to create a healthy menu plan for daily consumption. Do the vaccine

Do the flu &pneumococcal vaccine to prevent and reduce the risk of getting an infection.

Thus crucial information about COPD disease that is crucial you know. Take care of your health, yes!

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