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When the body experiences a continuous dry cough can produce in the appearance of symptoms of shortness of breath due to less maximal oxygen into the lung cavity. Actually shortness of breath can not only exist due to tubuuh who experience coughing but can also be relieved by other things, some causes that can cause shortness of breath, namely:The entry of foreign objects in the respiratory tract, the cause of this one can be dust pollution and dirt that can clog the respiratory tract itself using so oxygen becomes difficult to enter and reach the lung cavity, where here there is an exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide to be spewed.Choking culinary can also cause the body to experience shortness of breath even though the time distance is not too worn out which is shortness of breath will disappear when there is no more blocking the throat.Obstruction of the respiratory tract can also cause carbon dioxide or C02 is difficult to remove through breathing. If this CO2 is not immediately spewed based on the body it will cause poisoning because the gas is relived by the body.Diphtheria, a disorder that can occur in the respiratory tract due to infection of certain types of bacteria or toxins. This diphtheria can further trigger the onset of throat inflammation, fever to tonsils.Asthma is a disease that occurs due to disorders of the lungs impacted by some exclusive things. This disease has a high risk of being exposed through the decline of genes based on parents to children so it is not surprising if asthma is classified into inherited diseases.Croup is included in respiratory disorders due to infections that can result in a prolonged cough. Some of the symptoms that arise from croup such as fever, coughing keirng and shortness of breath.Heart disease is included in the type of chronic disease, the heart is a crucial organ in the body to pump blood to still flow in all parts of the body. Heart disease usually occurs the impact of weak heart tissue to move for example generally. This disease can be a trigger for other diseases such as diabetes &obesity.Lung cancer can also cause shortness of breath due to the impact according to the aggression of cancer cells earlier. This disease is generally sporadic experienced by most people.

How to treat shortness of breath due to cough

Shortness of breath that occurs due to the body experiencing a continuous dry cough can be overcome and treated using several, namely by utilizing the efficacy of these ingredients to reduce cough that may cause shortness of breath.Black coffee

Coffee is included in the commodities that poly consumed by the wider community. Natural black coffee derived from coffee beans that are roasted and mashed can help the body overcome shortness of breath due to coughing or other causes. The caffeine content in it is able to work effectively to help the body overcome fatigue in the respiratory muscles due to short breath also by dry cough that occurs continuously.

The use of black coffee as one of the natural ingredients in treating shortness of breath because of cough can be in the form of drinking coffee that has been brewed with warm water. Although black coffee is included in the type of ingredients that can be used as a shortness of breath drug but it is good if not consumed too much and often, because caffeine is also able to trigger high blood pressure which can cause the heart to beat faster according to generally.Bit Root

Beet root can be used as a good shortness of breath drug caused by coughing and the body that experiences less blood due to iron deficiency in the body. Beets are rich in vitamins, potassium, iron &calcium. Beets are usually found in skin beauty products such as bodylotin which offers vitamin content in beets in nourishing the skin. The roots of this beet plant can also be used as a way to treat shortness of breath due to continuous coughing that causes the body to experience shortness of breath. Beet root can be consumed into shortness of breath drugs using processing it as juice or baking beet bulbs and so on can be exclusively eaten.Ginger

The benefits provided by ginger in the health of the body from the beginning have been felt by people who consume traditional medicine such as drinking herbal medicine. Ginger on overcoming shortness of breath can work into a respiratory tract lozen butn using it to provide a warm and relatively spicy sensation when consumed. Ginger is usually often processed into several types of traditional herb decoction that can be mixed with other ingredients as a traditional remedy for allergic cough.Garlic

This type of onion is a primary spice that is often used in every cuisine of the archipelago to form and add aroma in the culinary formed. Outside based on that, garlic has long been used by many people to cure and overcome some other mild signs such as being able to overcome panu on the surface of the skin. Garlic has recently been known that it can work on overcoming the signs of HIV disease in the body infected with the virus, therapeutic treatment using garlic can put antibiotics on the body. In overcoming shortness of breath with garlic can be in the form of boiling garlic that has been finely shredded along with other natural ingredients.Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus plants can be used in overcoming some mild diseases such as dry cough. To treat a dry cough that is being suffered by the body can use eucalyptus leaves boiled along with water, this decoction can be drunk during dry cough occurs, While the eucalyptus plant is also used using further processed to be used as oil, eucalyptus oil can make a warm and comfortable sensation when obtained over the top of the skin so that it is widely used as a continuous cough medicine in children.

The use of eucalyptus oil as a way to treat shortness of breath due to coughing by applying this oil over the top of the chest and back to put a warm feeling in the respiratory tract based on the outside as a result of asthma symptoms can be reduced.Lemons

Lemon is one type of fruit that is rich in vitamin C in it. Lemons are now widely used as the basic ingredients of some beauty products such as paras cream and bodylotion that can brighten skin color. Vitamin C for the health of the body can help the body increase its endurance so as not to easily contract the disease, this type of vitamin can also be useful in overcoming the signs of shortness of breath. To use lemon grains on overcoming shortness of breath the impact of coughing can use drinking water that has been mixed with squeezed lemon juice.Clove

Cloves since long ago has been widely used to cure some symptoms that have the impact of other diseases such as overcoming toothache, cough and stomach pain.  Cloves are often found in traditional medicine mixtures that are generally boiled can be used as prolonged cough medicine in adults. Powdered this natural ingredient can be mixed with honey and eaten exclusively to cure shortness of breath.Ki tolod leaves

This type of leaf is very rarely heard to be used into natural ingredients for traditional medicine. How to make a dry cough traditional medicine by using ki tolod leaves on overcoming shortness of breath can be by bending this leaf along with enough water & wait until it boils, this stew can be drunk every day until shortness of breath &batuk disappears.Cermai fruit

Fruit that puts this sour taste is often eaten as a snack because of the taste sensation it gives when eaten. This cermai fruit also has hidden properties that can overcome shortness of breath in the body. How to cook cermai into a natural remedy is to rub the grain of cermai with the fruit of the cane and also kara root with water until boiling. This decoction can be drunk regularly every day to speed up the recovery process of the body that experiences shortness of breath.Honey

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