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Are you looking for a natural cure for shortness of breath? Don’t choose wrong! Discover your health secrets in Green World Products 100% Natural Herbs.

Shortness of breath (Dyspnea) or asthma is a disorder of respiratory function caused by shrinking or blockage of the respiratory tract or weakness of the respiratory organs / lungs or due to consequences based on certain diseases.

Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea):Acute dyspnea (shortness of breath) is a come-coming and disappearing symptom within a few days after treatment. This acute shortness of breath can be caused by respiratory diseases (lung &respiratory), heart disease or chest shock.Chronic dyspnea (shortness of breath) is a condition in which shortness of breath occurs continuously over a long period of time. This shortness of breath can be caused by asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), emphysema, inflammatory lungs, tumors, sound band abnormalities.

Causes of Shortness of BreathHeredity.The shape of a narrow chest cavity, weak lungs from birth.Lack of fluid intake.The presence of hyperbole mucus that is able to clog the respiratory tract.Cold, humid, smoky, dusty air and so on.The lack of fluid that causes fluid in the respiratory tract to thicken.Emotions are not stable.Muscle tension on the back of the surface.BEST HERBAL PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS-Natural Remedies for Shortness of Breath-

You do not need to use the products we offer because Green World for five consecutive years received recognition according to the American FDA & received HALAL recognition from Muslim associations. In addition, Green World cooperates with globally renowned industries to build strategic alliances using state-of-the-art equipment and production technologies inputs by The United States, Europe & other developed countries, receiving ISO9001:2000 recognition of international quality management systems, gaining the legality of BPOM. receive FDA, GMP recognition for drugs and supplements and also HACCP for culinary product safety systems. So that our products are very conducive to consumption. NATURAL REMEDIES FOR SHORTNESS OF BREATH100% HERBAL, SAFE, WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS

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Cordyceps Plus Capsule is made from Cordyceps Mushroom and ginseng. Biodatadatadatad cordyceps use low-oxygen environments. Cordyceps is very good for lung health, especially in dealing with the problem of lack of oxygen that causes you to feel tired quickly and not strong.

Cordyceps Plus Capsule is very recommended to treat shortness of breath that you suffer because, this herbal remedy can maintain the health of the lungs, lung tract, inflammation in the lungs (bronchitis) and increase oxygen absorption. So you are free according to the feeling of easily tired, lethargic, panting, &other respiratory matters.

The following are the main benefits according to Cordyceps Plus Capsule:Take care of the lungs, kidneys.Helps relieve cough & expetoran and asthma.Anti-viral, bacterial &tubercle bacillus.Helps lower serum cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertension.Prevents platelet clumping, increases when surviving hypoxia.Prevent tumors, lung cancer, stomach cancer.Prevents the decline of white blood cells from the effects of chemotherapy &radiation therapy, and heightens the patient’s immunity.

The efficacy of Cordyceps Plus Capsule is suitable for people who rarely exercise, work pressure &psychology is high, low immunity, easy flu, chronic diseases, elderly, cancer patients, diabetes, kidneys, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and also to overcome blood circulation problems.

Price: Rp109.000.- / fill box 16 sachetsPRODUCT CODE: ECLT

In addition to Cordyceps Plus Capsule, Green World also provides a specific tea for asthmatics, namely Clear Lung Tea. Clear Lung Tea is made according to Chrycantenum, Lily, Almond, Tangerina, and Green Tea or Green Tea. Clear Lung Tea is a tea that has been shown to increase the speed of recovery, remove harmful substances inhaled by the body, reduce the deposition of lung feces and protect the respiratory system, help smooth the exchange of oxygen in the blood / breathing, etc.

The following are the primary properties according to Clear Lung Tea:It can kill bacteria and viruses, raise blood plasma immunity, activate the spleen.Helps clear the spots of the lungs, removes phlegm, increases immunity.Protect the mucous membrane, protect the respiratory tract, facilitate circulation, relieve asthma.Strengthens lung function, increases the flexibility of the veins &effectiveness of the lungs, launches the exchange of oxygen in the blood, relieves breathing.

**We can conclude from the efficacy caused by the two products above. With Clear Lung Tea, harmful substances in the body will be cleaned and then continued with the role of Cordyceps Plus Capsule as an asthma drug. That way, the healing process of asthma will be faster and more effective. So that these two products as respiratory health products that you should try, for example, the thing done by the mak Eka RA who has spread the story of healing from his asthma with therapy consumption Cordyceps Plus Capsule & Clear Lung Tea below:

Name: Eka RA Origin: Kelua, South Kalimantan

I am a stairwell who is full of activities, used to be when tired a little, stress thoughts or cold weather, my asthma personally kumat. Various therapies & medical treatments I have undergone to the point that can not be separated from spray drugs for Asma & So often go back and forth to the hospital (every three months), employees there also became familiar with say family. Lucky when getting to know Green world gw personal consumption of Calcium CMP (Compound Marrow Powder), colostrum, cordyceps & clear lung tea. Alhamdulillah now it has been almost 1 year I never stopped by the hospital again, even when the cold weather does not need to worry anymore because my endurance is very helped by nutrition according to Green world. Even my son who is still a baby also his intelligence looks good because while in the womb gw diligently consume deepsea. Thank you Green World.

**Consumption RulesCordyceps Plus Capsule = two x 2 capsules a day. Consumed 1/2 hour after the completion of the meal.Clear Lung Tea = two x 1 packs a day. Brew 1 pack in hot water, set aside 5-10 mins. Drink until it’s over. It’s good to drink before eating.Why Should You Choose a Global Green World Product?

Green World Global has its own specialty compared to other herbal products. Here are some of the specialties of Green World Global products.

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