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Asthma or shortness of breath or whining is a condition in which the respiratory path narrows and swells and produces lenders. This can cause easy things such as breathing is difficult to do and triggers coughs and sounds such as whistling breathing time and out of breath.

For some people, asthma disorders experienced only feel mild, but for others this can interfere with daily activities and even lead to dangerous and even life-threatening attacks.

Although asthma can not be cured, but the symptoms can be controlled so as not to interfere with daily activities. Then because asthma can change as it goes on, it is very important to get in touch with your doctor in terms of tracking asthma signs and symptoms and adjusting the treatment given.

To find out the coverage of asthma or bengek and the cure can be reviewed in the article below.

Asthma symptoms can be different for each person. It could be that the attack is rare, only occurs at certain times or even occurs at any time.

Signs &symptoms of asthma include:

Out of breath.

Pain in the chest or chest feels tight.

The sound of breathing time, which is a common sign of asthma in children.

Difficulty sleeping due to short breath, coughing or sounding breath.

Cough attacks are aggravated by the presence of viruses in the respiratory tract such as in the flu.

Drugs in pharmacies

Asthma medications play an important role in controlling asthma conditions. In general, there are 2 types of treatment, each of which has its own purpose, namely:

1. Asthma control drugs

This drug plays an important role because it can prevent asthma attacks. When taking these medications, the respiratory tract is less irritated and reacts less to asthma triggers. Some types of these drugs must be taken every day to make asthma permanently controlled, while others are taken only if it is expected to reduce the severity according to asthma attacks.

Your doctor may recommend a combination of corticosteroid medications to reduce inflammation used using smoked methods, using other drugs such as:

Beta agonist long acting: is a drug that works using a way to open the airway.

Anticholinergic long acting: a drug that relaxes and loosens the airway in the lungs, as a result of which breathing is easier.

Leukotriene modifier: a drug that blocks chemicals that can cause inflammation.

Mast cell stabilizer: a drug that curbs the release of inflammatory chemicals.

Immunomodulators are injections given if they suffer from moderate to severe asthma associated with allergies or other inflammation caused by the immune system that does not respond to exclusive drugs.

two. Asthma aggression relief drugs

This drug works using a way to relax the muscles in more or less the respiratory tract. If it is mandatory to use this helper drug more than twice at a time of a week, it means that asthma experienced is not well controlled. But in people whose asthma aggression is triggered by physical activity such as exercising, then try to use a beta agonist rapid reaction drug before doing sports.

Included in this type of drug are short acting beta agonist drugs, anticholinergic drugs and systemic corticosteroid drugs. Usually drugs for asthma attack relief are available in the form of inhalers because they can provide a faster response to relieve asthma attacks and are easy to carry and use.

Proper use of drugs should allow sufferers to live a normal active life. If the signs of asthma experienced are not controlled, then the doctor will be able to help to find more appropriate treatment.

Guidelines for permanently controlled asthma

As mentioned earlier, asthma can not be cured, all that can be done is control so that the symptoms of asthma are often experienced. For how often it is mandatory to use drugs, depending on how severe asthma experienced and how often signs of asthma arise.

For example: if you only experience a case of asthma when exercising then asthma medication only needs to be used before doing sports. But for most people using asthma, they need to use drugs every day.

Medications are the basis for controlling asthma. Therefore it is crucial to know what drugs are used, when to use them, the output needed and what must be done if they do not get the output as desired.

Here are the guidelines for the use of asthma medications:

Never run out of asthma medication. It is best to call your doctor or pharmacy at least 48 hours before the medicine runs out. Keep copies of prescriptions &telephone numbers dispensaries to make it easier to buy drugs back.

Make sure to understand how to use and how to use the drug given.

Wash your hands before taking asthma medications.

Double-check the name of the drug and its dose before taking it.

Keep asthma medications in sync with the instructions listed in the pack.

Check stored liquid medicine preparations as often as possible, if they have changed color or formed crystals should not be used again.

Tell your doctor about other medications you’re taking. There are several types of drugs that cannot be consumed in conjunction with other drugs. Some asthma medications are safe to use, but there are medications that have side effects. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you experience anything unusual or bothersome after using asthma medications.

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