9 Signs of a Dangerous Cough in Children

Halodoc, Jakarta – Mother, you should not underestimate the condition of cough experienced by children. Coughing as a disease that quite often affects children. Although a mild cough can go away on its own, it does not mean that you can underestimate the condition of coughing in children.

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If the child coughs and accompanies the other signs, then there is a possibility that the condition becomes a sign according to an exclusive disease. Therefore, the mother must understand some signs of a dangerous cough in children to get early treatment. For more details, read the full review here! Mother, Notice Signs of Dangerous Cough in Children

When a child has a cough, this can occur because the throat layer is irritated. This often occurs when the child is sick or his body is fighting a disease that produces a lot of phlegm. Reported by the Indonesian Pediatricians Association (IDAI), cough experienced by children is generally a sign that the body is trying to remove foreign objects that are in the airway.

Coughing can disappear using itself when the stimulation of the receptors that cause cough also disappears. But, try the mother also needs to know some signs according to a cough that is dangerous in children by looking at the condition. Well, conditions that can be as a sign, among others:Difficulty breathing.Unable to communicate well.The color of the lips &tip of the nails turns pale or bluish.Coughing accompanied by vomiting.It removes enough sputum or saliva.The child looks in pain in the chest or other parts of the body.Having a cough of blood.Fever to more than 38 degrees Celsius.Have under 4 months of age.

These conditions are some of the relatively dangerous signs of cough in children. If the child experiences some of these conditions when coughing, check the child’s health conditions in the nearest hospital to find out the cause of cough in children.

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Cough accompanied by shortness of breath

Cough that occurs monotonously or cough too hard is able to make the Little One become short of breath. Characteristics of children who are short of breath when making certain sounds when breathing or making a loud sound during sleep. Children who have difficulty breathing are also characterized by increasing amounts of breathing movements.

The cause of cough conditions for example is generally due to a virus that causes inflammation in the sound box and throat shaft. Cough that causes shortness of breath can be experienced by the Little One in the age of about six months to 3 years which generally occurs when the Little One has a fever.

This can be a sign of a dangerous cough in the child so immediate help needs to be done. Mother can give first aid to the Little One by inviting him to inhale hot water vapor for 15 to 20 min. This method can help warm and open the little one’s airway, so that he can breathe again.

Dry Cough That Gets Worse at Night

There is also a coughing condition in children that can get worse at night or when the air temperature is cooler. Usually coughing for example is caused by asthma, which is a chronic condition in which the airways in the lungs narrow and become inflamed, as a result of which the lungs produce mucus. As a result, it appears itching that causes the Little One to cough.

Another dangerous sign of cough in children is the occurrence of phlegm cough. This method is done so that the body can remove sputum according to the lungs. So based on that, phlegm cough further burdens the chest area. Generally cough phlegm in children caused by a bacterial infection.

However, if the phlegm cough experienced by the Little One is also accompanied by other signs, such as colds, sore throats, watery eyes, and decreased appetite, then the mother needs to be careful. Cough disorders accompanied by colds most often occur when the weather is cold that can last for one to two weeks.

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Do not underestimate the cough accompanied by fever. Because, a cough accompanied by fever for several days is able to create the sound of the child become hoarse and the rhythm of his breath is getting higher. In addition, this problem can be as a characteristic of bronchiolitis. Bronchiolitis is an infection that occurs in the bronchioles or the smallest ducts in the lungs. When this channel swells and is full of mucus, your little one will have difficulty breathing.

Therefore, when the child has a cough accompanied by fever, the mother must be careful and immediately check it because it may be an indication of a dangerous cough in children. This problem is more common when entering the rain trend when the air is cold. By knowing the risks, the mother can prevent it before it occurs.

Examination related to cough in children needs to be done if it has been felt abnormal. Indeed, the initial handling that can be done is to increase rest and keep the body hydrated. If the condition does not improve after a few days, it is better to immediately check with a doctor based on Halodoc.

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