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Shortness of breath during sleep can occur in anyone. This condition can be as chronic as the time the signs you experience last more than one month.

According to an article published by American Family Physician, in general, 85% of conditions that trigger chronic shortness of breath are related to using the lungs, heart or mental health.

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Reported by Healthline, shortness of breath that occurs during sleep is associated with a medical condition claimed paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND).

PND is shortness of breath whose symptoms occur a few hours after you fall asleep. Shortness of breath that occurs can be very sudden and you will wake up with gasps. What is PND?

Healthline health website says this condition can be defined from its name, you know. That is:’Paroxysmal’ which is a symptom that appears to come and is able to repeat’Nocturnal’ means at night’Dyspnea’ is a medical word that refers to shortness of breath or uncomfortable breathing.

In general, dyspnea can occur at any time, including during the day. This condition is a symptom according to several health problems in the respiratory tract that focuses, such as:Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)PneumoniaHeart failure.Symptoms of shortness of breath when sleeping due to PND

PND can occur within a few hours of asleep. You can wake up gasping, coughing or sitting and standing while trying to open your airways.

After some time, you will go home normal. But, it can take up to half an hour or even more outdated than that.

If by sitting or standing, your condition does not improve, then try to seek medical help using immediately. Causes of PND

Some of the generic causes of shortness of breath during sleep are: Heart failure

This condition occurs when the heart muscle has difficulty pumping blood to all bodies properly. As a result, there will be a buildup of searches in the lungs as a result causing you difficulty breathing.

Some people with heart failure also have difficulty breathing while lying down. Respiratory problems

Shortness of breath during sleep can also be associated with the function of the respiratory system and lungs. Some cases of the respiratory tract that can cause or lead to PND are:AsthmaCOPDPost nasal dripPulmonary edemaSleep apneaBlockage of arteries in the lungsRestrictive lung diseaseOther medical conditions

PND can also be caused by compound medical conditions. Among them:Stomach acidKidney failureAn attack of anxiety or panic.

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Health website MedicalNewsToday calls PND a serious condition. If you experience the signs described above, then you should immediately seek medical attention.

By doing so, then you are able to make a doctor immediately make a diagnosis & treatment that you have to undergo.

Tightness of this condition is also an indication that you have advanced heart failure. So if you experience this and do not improve, immediately seek medical help. How to deal with shortness of breath while sleeping?

The handling of this case is very dependent on the cause. Here’s what you’re going to do: If it’s heart failure

Heart failure can be overcome with lifestyle changes, such as:QuitMaintaining a healthy weightHealthy food.

While for treatment, some of the following drugs can be given for you:Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitorsAngiotensin II receptor blockerAngiotensin-receptor neprilysin inhibitorBeta-blockers.

Do not rule out the possibility that you need surgery or implanting a device to support the heart to be part of handling this problem. if caused by a case in the lungs

For PND that occurs due to lung problems, then you can be given prescription drugs, such as:Asthma treatmentUsing a device to make sure you breathe easily while sleeping.

Such are the lights of the shortness of breath that occur when you are sucked. Always take care of your health condition so that you are not affected by this disorder, yes!

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