Tips to Overcome Shortness of Breath Due to Stomach Acid Rise – When stomach acid rises, the body will experience a number of signs, one of which is shortness of breath.

This is a one-sign of chronic acid reflux disease (GERD).

Even so, shortness of breath due to stomach acid rises is common. As reported by who launched the Mount Sinai page (27/10/2020), as many as 85% of asthmatics have stomach acid problems.

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Reported by based on Healthline, there are at least 3 reasons why a person can experience shortness of breath when his stomach acid rises, namely the following:Stomach acid fluid according to the stomach that goes up into the esophagus accidentally enters the lungs. This happens generally during sleep. It causes the airways in the lungs to swell and triggers asthma or aspiration pneumonia. Because the airway is disturbed, stomach acid rises to make tightness, cough, and wheezing (sound that rises while breathing).Stomach acid fluid according to the stomach goes up into the esophagus triggering a nerve reflex. This creates the airways to narrow, to prevent the acidic liquid from escaping. This condition can also make sufferers short of breath.Stomach acid rises can also injure the lining of the throat, respiratory tract, and lungs. This condition is prone to cause asthma in people with acid reflux disease who already have a history of asthma.

Considering there are several reasons why stomach acid rises to make tightness, it is important for every sufferer to manage the disease.

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Please note, shortness of breath is not the only sign that arises when stomach acid rises. In addition to shortness of breath, symptoms that often arise are the upper abdomen to the chest pain or heat such as burning (heartburn).

The following are some symptoms that can also exist when stomach acid rises in addition to shortness of breath and heartburn:Constant hiccupsFlatulenceFrequent burpsDifficulty swallowingSore throatBad breathHow to overcome shortness of breath due to stomach acid

Reporting from Medical News Today, how to overcome shortness of breath due to stomach acid is a change in lifestyle such as applying a healthy diet and taking the recommended medication.

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Here’s how to treat shortness of breath due to stomach acid:Maintaining an ideal body weightStop smokingRaise the headrest of bedtimeNot wearing tight clothing, belts, or accessories that press on the abdomenEating a complete and balanced nutritious culinaryNot lying down or sleeping in less than three hours of eatingIdentifying & avoiding acid reflux trigger foodsReduce or avoid alcohol and minimize caffeine intake such as tea &coffeeAvoid eating large meals, eating using small portions but more oftenTaking acid reflux medicine using Editor: Mahardini Nur Afifah)

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