Shortness of breath medication due to coughing

Shortness of breath medication due to cough ~ Shortness of breath including cases that are quite often felt by everyone from children to adults, both men and women when on certain conditions, such as when there is smoke inhalation, inhaling dust & so on. Shortness of breath with the kodisi is not a dangerous thing by itself also shortness of breath will disappear. But in some people shortness of breath can be as something dangerous, and many ignore the case of shortness of breath earlier. Shortness of breath is a condition in which the body has difficulty breathing due to lack of air intake into the lungs..

Shortness of breath Medicine Cough bronchitis in pharmacies ~ Shortness of breath appears the various factors ranging from mild to severe factors, errors of one mild factor that results in shortness of breath for example when breathing dirty air, inhaling smoke, inhaling dust & so on. And also can be caused by the weight factor, the weight factor that causes shortness of breath is due to experiencing certain diseases, such as tuberculosis, wet lungs, beonchitis, asthma & so on.. Here are the diseases of shortness of breath that can lead to other diseases:Causes of shortness of breath impact pneumonia (pneumonia), inflammation or inflammation occurs in the lungs caused by various kinds of bacteria or viruses entering the lungs as a result of which the lungs are disturbed and experience inflammation, one of the symptoms is disturbed breathing / shortness of breath.Causes of shortness of breath due to bronchitis It is an infection of the main airways according to the lungs or bronchi that causes inflammation or inflammation in the airways, signs of frequent shortness of breath.Causes of shortness of breath due to tuberculosis (TB), a mistake of one lung disease caused by the tuberculosa virus that enters the lungs then infects the lungs and inhibits lung cells, one of the symptoms of shortness of breath.Causes of shortness of breath impact asthma,asthma occurs due to narrowing in the airways and not infrequently produces more poly sputum (sticky mucus), which will result in coughing and coughing. Asthma is able to occur in the long term and it can happen repeatedly or often relapse, if not infrequently marasa in conditions such as this should be treated immediately because it can be a chronic (severe) asthma disease.

Shortness of breath medicine due to cough ~ Those are the causes of shortness of breath but do not rule out the possibility that there are several other causes that can also cause shortness of breath, but so to be able to ascertain what is the cause of shortness of breath was medical inspection to the nearest doctor is very necessary..

If the cause of shortness of breath is the impact of tuberculosis (TB) then it is very necessary to be careful and immediately treated using specific treatment. Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease attacks the lungs and other organs of the body. If treated properly, the patient is able to recover. Conversely, if left unchecked, the disease can cause death within the first 5 years.

Shortness of breath medication due to cough ~ Tb is contagious, Cough is the most common means to transmit this disease to others, sneezing or others can also very much cause tuberculloa bacteria to move based on the sufferer to others who are around him..

Based on the infected organs, TB can be divided into several types, basically the bacteria settle in the lungs. However, not limited to staying in the lungs alone this bacteria can gradually spread through blood vessels or lymph nodes spread to parts of the entire body such as the brain, heart, kidneys, bones and others so that it can cause other TB diseases, such as bone tuberculosis, glandular tuberculosis & as such.

TB treatment takes a relatively outdated time. Initial treatment generally takes six months, then the doctor’s home is assessed. Because the treatment is relatively outdated, it is not uncommon to make patients drop out of treatment or irregular. This results in fatal because germs can actually be immune. Not to mention drugs are not always suitable with patients as a result can cause other allergies.. Types of Tb / Lung Disease That Often Attack Humans:

Shortness of Breath (Asthma) Shortness of Breath or Asthma is a type of disease that attacks the respiratory tract in the form of narrowing of the respiratory tract.Asthma is caused by the reaction of stimuli such as dust, pollen, animal fur, cold air, smoke, cold air and exercise that is too heavy. The first beginning of the symptoms of asthma is characterized by shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing sounds.. Bronchitis Bronchitis is a type of respiratory organ disorder, inflammation of the airways to the lungs / bronchitis. Bronchitis is classified as a mild lung disease so that it can heal by itself. However, for patients with chronic diseases, namely heart or lung disease, generally focused. which often bronchitis will attack elderly sufferers, if it has been chronic, this disease can be classified as a dangerous disease. . TUBERCULOSIS (Tuberculosis) Tuberculosis (tuberculosis) is one of the infectious diseases and classified as dangerous. TUBERCULOSIS is a disease that focuses because tuberculosis is classified with types of health problems in the world such as HIV / AIDS because this disease will generally attack important organs & will attack immune immunity, mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria are this type of bacteria shaped like btg & acid resistant (or claimed to use BTA). . Lung cancer Lung cancer is a type of respiratory tract disease commonly called the first killer disease. It is even more dangerous compared to other types of cancer.

Shortness of breath medicine due to cough ~ Just like other infectious diseases, tuberculosis can spread faster and is much more dangerous in people who have a weakened immune system, even if it can cause death.

Anyone who experiences signs of pulmonary tuberculosis for example we have mentioned above, then should immediately do an inspection so that it is immediately known and quickly handled.. Treatment of Diseases Due to TUBERCULOSIS By Using Medical Drugs:

Etham butol ~ This drug is a type of antituberculosis drug and belongs to the class of prescription drugs. Its efficacy is to treat tuberculosis, in the form of tablets and can be consumed by children and children. Of course, it is appropriate to use a doctor’s prescription.. .Isoniazid ~ Including prescription class drugs that are not can be purchased or obtained without a doctor’s prescription. This drug is anti-tuberculosis which is useful for treating tuberculosis. It can be consumed by children and adults.. Rifampicin ~ TbC is also often used to treat leprosy, pneumonia, brueLosis and staphylococcus infections. Including prescription class drugs in the form of tablets, liquids taken, capsules & injected. . Pirazinamid~ This drug in the form of special tablets to treat tuberculosis can be consumed by children and adults as recommended by doctors. . Herbal Plants For The Cure of Shortness of Breath, Tuberculosis, Wet/Dry Lungs, Bronchitis

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