Prolonged cough accompanied by shortness of breath

For those of you who are diagnosed with TB disease (Tuberculosis), now you can overcome it with Herbal Lung TB Medicine from de nature which has been proven efficacy able to treat TB to complete use quickly and safely.

Recognize the Early Signs Or Symptoms of Pulmonary TB Disease

Pulmonary TB or also known as using TB disease is a deadly disease because it can cause death for sufferers, besides this disease can also use easily transmitted, for it is crucial for us to know the early signs of TB disease.

With us knowing the initial symptoms based on diseases that attack the lung organs in the form of infections caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, the adverse impact of the disease can be avoided and the treatment carried out will be milder because it can be easily treated.

Pulmonary TB is a disease error that has typical signs so that the signs and signs that arise can be easily recognized in the form of fever that is not too high and lasts a long time, deman tsb generally experienced at night accompanied by the discharge of sweat.

In addition, other typical signs are in the form of phlegm cough that occurs continuously and sometimes cough accompanied by blood which proves the tuberculosis suffered has not disappointed severely.

In addition to the signs of this disease, a person affected by this disease will also experience several other symptoms, namely:Sufferers experience shortness of breath and pain in the chest.Sufferers experience deman (cold heat) more than a monthSufferers sweat deeply at night with no apparent cause.Weak body & lethargicSufferers experience weight loss due to loss of appetiteThe patient’s urine changes color to reddish or cloudy. These signs are in the next condition.

If the above conditions or symptoms begin to feel then immediately do treatment & serious actions & try to see a doctor immediately.

In addition to doing treatment by medical means, the thing you can do becomes a way to treat lung tuberculosis that can be chosen so that it heals quickly is to use another way in which this way is more conducive, namely by taking lung drugs.

The name of the herbal lung tb drug that is currently widely used and we highly recommend for you is detopar and pipeca based on de nature. Name of Herbal Pulmonary Tb Drug


After knowing various types of lung diseases, it helps us know how to maintain lung health and avoid lung disease. It’s worth preventing compared to treating. Here are various ways that can be done so that the lungs are permanently healthy:Healthy Lifestyle

The first way that can be done is to use a healthy biological pattern. Healthy living patterns can be done in a healthy way without smoking. It has been discussed in various media about the dangers of cigarettes. In cigarettes there are poly harmful substances that are not beautiful for health. Harmful substances cigarettes are found in tobacco where there is still nicotine content, tar & still poly others. if sucked by the lungs, these substances are able to infect the lungs and cause lung damage.Avoid air pollution

The second way to keep the lungs permanently healthy is to use to avoid air pollution. Air pollution contains pollutant substances that are harmful to the body. If every day the body is exposed to using harmful pollutants, we can imagine how the condition of our lungs today? These pollutants can infect your lungs. Therefore, for those of you who are not infrequently exposed to pollutant substances it is good you use the correct mask to avoid your body being exposed to personal use of these pollutants. The correct mask can prevent harmful particles in pollutant substances from entering the respiratory tract of human.Fresh Air

The third way to receive healthy lungs is to often breathe fresh air. In the morning when there are not many motorized mounts passing by it’s good we take a morning walk while breathing fresh air that is around. The fresh air we breathe can relieve the airways in the lungs so that the airways in the lungs are not narrowed. Always breathing fresh air regularly every day can make you avoid asthma. In addition, fresh air can refresh the mind so that you are able to undergo activities with a fresh mind.Exercise Routine

Regular exercise can also make the lungs as healthy. That’s because exercise can make lung breathing become more organized. Sports that can be done to maintain lung health are morning walks, running and swimming. Exercise was beneficial for the lungs because when we do the sport we will organize and regulate our breathing. For example, swimming, we will regulate breathing when the body is in the water and we will regulate breathing when we take air at the top of the water. Often swimming sports make us often do breathing exercises. Breathing exercises can make the lungs healthier.Managing Stress

The way to nourish other lungs is to use to avoid stress, stress is caused by fatigue factor. Stressed thoughts can create airways in the lungs as narrowed. Therefore, try to keep the body not too stressed. Let’s say a problem that is present in this life becomes a test that must be passed by every human being. Stress can have a bad impact on the lungs besides stress can also have a bad impact on human health. Stress makes the narrowing of blood vessels so that if the blood vessels are not smooth the performance of organs as disturbed even stroke can occur in people who often experience stress.Breathing with the nose

Breathing using the nose does look easy, but it will be difficult when a person is in a sleeping position. During sleep people are not aware if breathing uses their mouth, as a result the incoming air cannot be filtered using well. Breathing using oral also makes people at risk of sleeping while snoring because the verbal position is in a gaping state. Breathing with the nose can make the lungs healthy because the air that enters the lungs will be filtered by the nose or cilia.Food

Nourishing the lungs can also be done through culinary. Eating foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, omega-threes, flavonoids is very important to keep the lungs healthy. Because these nutrients are expected by the lungs to protect themselves based on various dangerous diseases.

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