Shortness of breath accompanied by cough and chest pain

According to data according to BKKBN, tb infection disease (Tuberculosis) in Indonesia cases are still very high, namely there are 450 thousand tb problems. Every year and from the number of sufferers there are approximately 65 thousand people died. TB disease is the 4th causative disease of death after stroke, diabetes, and hypertension, in a city environment. In addition, tuberculosis in the countryside is the second leading disease of death after stroke. Tackling pulmonary TB disease is a joint task in efforts to treat, treat, cure, and prevent the transmission (spread) of bacterial infections early in order to avoid tuberculosis.

The following are some of the important side effects caused by tuberculosis drugs:Rifampicin, Pirazinamid and Isoniazid can cause jaundice, although rarelyEtambutol &isoniazid can cause temporary visual impairment, such as blurred eyes & visual impairment of red green colorHearing loss can be experienced by patients who take ethambutol.Generally tuberculosis drugs can cause side effects of nausea.There is redness of the skin or itching on the skin, which generally disappears using itselfRifampicin can cause effects in reddish urine. But it’s not dangerousTB disease

TB is classified as a focused disease that can be fatal if not treated using thoroughly, because it can make in death. So the treatment that is done must be completed until it is resolved. Generally, tuberculosis treatment only requires outpatient treatment, except in severe cases that require hospital treatment.

Tuberculosis (TUBERCULOSIS) is an infectious disease that occurs in the human respiratory tract caused by bacteria. The bacteria that cause TB disease is a type of basil bacteria that is very powerful so it takes a relatively long time to treat tb disease. Generically, these bacteria more often infect the respiratory organs of the lungs (90%) compared to other parts of the human body.

TB disease is a type of infectious disease that is still a concern of all globally. Until now, there has not even been a single country that is free based on TB disease. The death rate and pain of the impact of mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria is also very high. According to Health Minister Nila Djuwita F Moeloek revealed that Indonesia is currently ranked as the 2nd most people with tuberculosis or tuberculosis after India.

The cause based on TB disease is due to an infection caused by infection and germ Mycobaterium tuberculosis and generally these germs will attack the lungs. In addition, bacteria that cause TB disease can appear and attack other organs of the body for example lymph nodes, intestines and kidneys, content, bones and can also attack brain organs.

TB disease is one type of disease whose transmission is very easy to occur, media or means according to transmission can occur according to the fluid in the airway that comes out when the patient sneezes or even when coughing, and after it is inhaled by others who are nearby.

In the type of bacteria that cause TB disease generally they will fall asleep and will not attack people who have high endurance using culinary intake that contains nutrients or nutrients and excellent endurance.

Bacteria from TB disease will generally be easier to attack people who experience things in malnutrition and have low endurance. In addition, people who live in a rather bad environment with a high TB content will also be susceptible to lung TUBERCULOSIS disease. Tips to Prevent Transmission of TB Disease In the Body of People Affected by TUBERCULOSIS

Mostly, people do not realize experiencing signs of TUBERCULOSIS and do not distinguish them using other diseases because it is not easy to recognize them. In fact, the signs begin gradually – develop over a period of a few weeks to months.

Here are the indications & signs if exposed to TUBERCULOSIS:Cough. In the next term, coughing can produce gray or yellow phlegm that can mix with blood.Pay attention to weight loss that cannot be explained.FatigueFeverSweating at night is one way the body protects the disease. Night sweats can start with a fever and eventually result in abundant sweating followed by chills.Cold heatLoss of appetiteObserve discolored (reddish) or turbid urine. These are the signs that appear in the next termin

Be aware of the effects of tb drugs caused – As I have explained above tb treatment is not easy – it needs to be outdated to cure it. Treatment can be done using chemical drugs or herbal remedies all depending on you. Here is a review of the name of the lung tb drug in the dispensary that can be produced. Tb drugs in pharmaciesIsoniazid (INH/H)

Isoniazid is a prescription drug is an antituberculosis drug to treat TB disease. Taking drugs for tuberculosis regularly every day can relieve Tb disease. Do not carelessly consume this drug because this is a prescription drug doctor so before using this drug try to consult your mainstay doctor first.

Follow the doctor’s advice and read the news listed on the isoniazid wrap before starting to consume it. Isoniazid has the potential to cause side effects, some side effects that commonly occur after taking this anti-TB drug muscles feel weak, the body feels tingling, nausea and vomiting. Rifampicin

Rifampicin is a class of antibiotic categories of prescription drugs benefits according to this drug is able to treat tuberculosis, staphylococcus infection, legionnaires pneumonia, bruselosis, prevent influenza Haemophilus & meningitis. Taking this drug should also use a doctor so do not carelessly buy and consume this drug without a prescription.

Follow your doctor’s advice before you start taking it. Rifampicin has the potential to cause side effects, some common side effects occur after consuming headaches, drowsiness, weakness, diarrhea, nausea, reduced appetite, reddish urine &sweat. Pyrazinamide

Pyrazinamide is a class of obai antituberculosis drugs are prescription drugs, the benefits of taking this drug treat tuberculosis or tuberculosis. This medicine is a prescription drug so do not carelessly buy and consume without a prescription.

Follow your doctor’s advice before you start taking it. Pyrazinamide has the potential to cause side effects, some generic side effects occur after consuming unwellness, nausea, fever, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, jaundice. Traditional Medicine

Side Effects of Taking Tb Medicine Doctors Should Know – Herbal medicine lately is in great demand by the citizen, maybe because the price of nisbi is cheap and the effect tends to be a little less like chemical drugs today that cause a variety of side effects. Here is the medicinal flora of TBC herbal. Tb Remedies 10 Natural RemediesBunga Shoes

In addition to being planted on the page into ornamental flora, hibiscus is also often used as a traditional medicine. The parts of the plant used as medicine are the roots, flowers and leaves. The flower part contains hibisetin, while the roots and leaves contain Calcium-oxalate, peroxidase, fat &protein.

Hibiscus is one of the traditional medicinal flora that is believed to be efficacious in treating various diseases. Some diseases that can be treated with hibiscus include lung disease, canker sores, mumps, bronchitis, headaches and gonorhoe. Bamboo Rope Bulbs

Bamboo rope has a graceful taste, pait and cool nature. Some natural ingredients contained in bamboo rope, including saponins, for example aglycone & proto-sarsapogenin. In addition, bamboo rope contains asparagines glucose, fructose, five-methoxymethylfufural, &ß-sitosterol. Natural ingredients will enter the meridians of the lungs and kidneys so that they can cleanse the lungs, fertilize yin, and stimulate the production of body fluids. Rope bulbs are medicinal plants whose efficacy consuming rope bulbs is considered to be able to treat coughing blood, tuberculosis, and esophageal pain, breast cancer and beautiful urine. Bembelekan Leaves

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