Causes of Shortness of Breath and How to Deal With It Naturally

Breathing is a process that occurs automatically even in a state of sleep even because the respiratory system is influenced by the autonomic nervous system. For those of you who have very busy activities, have you ever experienced respiratory problems or shortness of breath? Of course, it’s a difficult situation that interferes with work. Shortness of breath generally appears suddenly due to environmental factors that are less supportive, especially air pollution.

Shortness of breath is a feeling of difficulty breathing that generally occurs when we do physical activities. Shortness of breath is a symptom based on several diseases that can be chronic. Shortness of breath is also known as “Shortness of Breath”. The incidence of shortness of breath depends on the severity & why. The feeling itself is the result of a combination of impulses (stimuli) to the brain based on nerves ending up in the lungs, ribs, chest muscles, or diaphragm, coupled with the patient’s perception and interpretation. In some cases, shortness of breath is improved because anxiety thinks about the cause.

Types of Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea) include:

1. Acute dyspnea (Shortness of Breath) is a common cause of visits to the emergency room. Causes of acute dyspnea include respiratory diseases (lung and breathing), heart disease or chest shock.

two. Chronic dyspnea (shortness of breath) can be caused by asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, lung inflammation, tumors, sound band abnormalities.

Recognizing the Causes of Shortness of Breath:

A. Shortness of Breath due to Heredity.Sufferers have weak lungs &respiratory organs. Plus fatigue works and restlessness, then parts of the body will start abnormal functions. The good news, this does not automatically make the body suffer, because it will naturally protect itself. Nevertheless, the defense system goes the extra mile, even sometimes allergies and asthma arise as a reaction according to the body’s overworked defense system.

B. Shortness of breath due to environmental factors. Cold and humid air can cause shortness of breath. Likewise with pollen ( pollen ) – other particles. Working in a dusty environment or smoke can trigger prolonged shortness of breath. Pollution in the nasal passages is also caused by cigarettes that use exclusively can reduce the supply of oxygen.

C. Shortness of breath due to lack of fluid intake. Shortness of breath due to lack of fluid intake as a result of mucus in the lungs and airways thickens. This condition is also a pleasant situation for microbes to multiply.

D. Shortness of breath due to emotional instability. People who are restless, depressed, frightened, low self-esteem tend to often delay breathing. Or just take a breath too often & shallow as a result of panting. In the long time, this norm affects the production of adrenal glands and hormones, which are directly related to using the body’s defense system. Lack of education can also cause shortness of breath. Knowledge of how to breathe properly and correctly will be useful in the long run both to one’s physical and emotional.

If you experience shortness of breath, then it should get attention immediately. Because shortness of breath causes a sense of discomfort due to difficulty breathing so that the body receives less oxygen, and the worst can result in death. If you have a respiratory disorder, then do you can do the exercises below to help relieve your breathing. Do the following exercises twice a day, using a current range of five to ten mins until you get used to doing them.

1. Stomach BreathingLie down using delicious and place the pillow under the chairman. Bend your knees & relax the stomach. Press the stomach using one hand slowly but relatively hard to create pressure. Put the other hand on your chest. Then breathe slowly according to the nose by using the abdominal muscles. The hand above the stomach should be lifted deep when taking a breath and place it home in time to waste the breath. The other hand remains on the chest and should not move around.

2. Breathing Through The MouthBreathe slowly through the nose to avoid swallowing air. Hold your breath while counting one, 1000, 2, 1000, three, 1000. Raise your lips as if you were going to whistle. Then, exhale slowly through the advanced lips while counting one, 1000, two, 1000, 3, 1000, four, 1000, five, 1000, six, 1000. You have to create a whistling sound slowly time wasting your breath. Breath that is discharged through the advanced lips will reduce the speed of breathing and help remove the air that is long trapped in the lungs. When breathing through verbal during the activity, take a breath before moving, &waste the activity time. If the rhythm of the way to calculate on top of the nir is perfect, find a way to calculate it yourself that is more suitable. It must be continued to be considered to always waste breath longer than when taking a breath.

There are other ways that you can do to overcome shortness of breath, which is to be in a green &airy environment. If nir has the ability to often go back out of the city, to the mountains or the sea, plant a dense green leafy tree around the residence that will produce poly oxygen and absorb pollution. Every time you find a green &hygienic environment, walk and breathe in deep air.

Various Herbs That Can Relieve Symptoms of Shortness of Breath

There are some traditional herbs or remedies for shortness of breath that you can get easy use of the environment around you. Among them:Multiply using Chinese cinnamon that is incorporated into culinary into culinary doughBlack cumin (Habbatussauda) is finely ground and mixed with bee honey and warm water. Drink as long as it’s warm. Cloves are finely ground then put in boiling water then filtered. Then cooled, continue to mix honey. Do not mix honey in a hot state (boiling) because it damages the content of honey.Drinking coffee can smooth the respiratory tract.It can also be by drinking clove water mixed with honey.Eat small sliced garlic – small mixed using soy sauce.Shredded kencur is then mixed with honey bees or soy sauce, eaten regularly.Drink warm honey water, hot ginger water or by deep inhalation – in hot water vapor given eucalyptus oil

Memento Flower Potion For Shortness of Breath;Materials needed:– 1/two handful of recall flowers1 1/2 spoons white sugar.How to use the ingredients on top with 1 glass of hot water until boiling until only 1/2 cup. Then filtered & drunk. Do it regularly in the morning – afternoon.

Things that should be avoided by shortness of breath:Avoid eating acidic foodsAvoid drinking cold water / ice that seger seger that you know.Avoid / reduce sex activities / senggama or bayak motion (unless the road uses suuantai only)Avoid poly napsAvoid drinking milkAvoid dusty (dirty) placesAvoid eating a lot (glut)Avoid animal fur.Avoid dark spots (the room should be clear continuously)Avoid psychological stress

Hope these tips are useful yes Ladies ^ _ ^

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