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Experiencing shortness of breath can be a very haunted experience for some people. However, you do not need to panic when experiencing it because there are several choices of shortness of breath drugs that are sold freely in pharmacies and with natural ingredients.

Shortness of breath (dyspnea) is described as a sensation of stress felt in the chest. In addition, you are also able to have difficulty breathing and feel for example being held up by something. Many things can cause shortness of breath, such as intense exercise, extreme temperatures, to obesity. But not infrequently, shortness of breath also indicates certain health problems that you should see a doctor.Natural ways to deal with shortness of breath

Before trying shortness of breath drugs sold in pharmacies as well as prescription doctors, you can try natural ways that are believed to relieve breath. Although its efficacy has not been scientifically proven, there is no harm in trying to relieve your airway using the following tips. Breathing through the nose

Breathing through your nose is the simplest way to regulate the rhythm of your breath. In addition, this movement can also make you breathe more effectively. The way to do this is:Limp neck & shoulder musclesSlowly take a breath through the nose for two months using the position of clenched lipsExhale through an expression using the lips as if to whistleLet the air out verbally slowly so that the breath is more regular.

This movement is useful for removing air trapped in the lungs. The same movement can also be done while you lift weights or climb stairs. Sitting relatively hunchbacked

This relatively hunchback sitting position is like when you rest so that the body is more relaxed and breathing more regularly. The trick, sit on a chair using the soles of the feet to touch the floor, put the arms on the thighs so that it is more relaxed or the palm supports the chin. Make sure your neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed. Stand with your back back to rest.

This position can also help the body relax and smooth the respiratory system. The trick, senderkan back to the waist to the wall, hands hang on the front of the thighs, &limp your shoulders.Shortness of breath drugs that can be obtained in pharmacies

If the ways of relieving the airway do not solve your case, there are some shortness of breath drugs that you can buy at the pharmacy. There are drugs that are sold freely, there are also those that you can only get using a doctor’s prescription. Inhalers

This shortness of breath drug is used by inhalation and is usually used by people with shortness of breath due to asthma. The advantage is that it can make the muscles in the respiratory tract become more relaxed as a result of opening the airway using quickly. Inhalers are based on several types, namely:Short-acting beta-agonist is generally the first choice to relieve shortness of breath due to asthma. Shortness of breath drugs are generally in the form of albuterol and levalbuterol.Anticholinergics are used to reduce mucus piles in the airway. This shortness of breath drug works longer than short-acting beta-agonist. Examples of shortness of breath drugs include ipratropium, tiotropium, aclidinium, &glycopyrronium.Oral corticosteroids used to relieve the airway.Combination drugs, namely formations between short-acting beta-agonist using anticholinergics.

If you are unable to use an inhaler, or shortness of breath occurs in children, your doctor may recommend using a device called a nebulizer. This device is in the form of a machine that vaporizes shortness of breath into the airway. Corticosteroids

Drugs containing steroids or corticosteroids are the main treatment in patients with shortness of breath due to asthma. Along with using the consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids can control while preventing asthma from arriving again. This type of shortness of breath drug is generally used by inhalation. Medications that include corticosteroids, namely beclomethasone, budesonide, fluticasone, and mometasone. Inhaled corticosteroids scattered on the market consist of 3 synchronous forms using their use. These drugs are hydrofluoroalkane (formerly known as meter-dose inhalers), dry powder inhalers, and liquids used in nebulizers. Antibiotic

Antibiotics are used if your shortness of breath is caused by a bacterial infection in the lungs that results in pneumonia. It’s just that you should only take antibiotics after consulting a doctor first. Follow the instructions for use prescribed by the doctor. Incorrect or excessive use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance.When is it mandatory to see a doctor?

Treatment of shortness of breath is basically done in sync with the cause. In addition to the above drugs, doctors can also prescribe shortness of breath drugs in the form of anti-health drugs to the use of bronchodilators for shortness of breath caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). You should also not underestimate shortness of breath. The NHS recommends visiting your doctor immediately if you experience shortness of breath accompanied by using:Chest feels tight & heavyFeeling pain to the arms, back, neck, &jawShortness of breath lasts more than a monthShortness of breath gets worse when you lie downYou have a cough for 3 weeks or moreYou have a swollen ankle

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