Overcoming Cough, Shortness of Breath, Respiratory Disorders – Choose Ziguravit Aja

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Hararia Nature products can be shipped to all regions of Indonesia

The products we offer for you are Honey Ziguravit (Cough Medicine) and Madu Hara (Honey Original)

PT. Hararia Nature Indonesia is a distributor of herbal medicine located in Jakarta. Herbal remedies developed by PT. Hararia Nature Indonesia is made from honey ingredients obtained from cultivated bees.  Established since February 2021, it has succeeded in creating a network of distributors and agents to several regions in Indonesia. This achievement is inseparable from the energy of professionals who are experts in their fields who succeed in making herbal medicines using the best quality in their class using affordable prices and competing. Ziguravit Honey

Ziguravit honey is 100% conducive to help overcome cough, shortness of breath & respiratory disorders. Reacting quickly because it is specially formulated from the best natural herbal extraction ingredients from the natural world of Indonesia.

Hara honey is 100% pure honey without dough. Hara honey is produced by the Apis Mellifera bee sucking the nectar of randu flowers. Randu honey has a soft texture and special taste and most crucially this type of honey is rich in nutrients and benefits for the health of your body.


Ziguravit’s medicine turned out to be that powerful. Sister Sya consumption for 1 week more & it’s very routine. Don’t bosen-bosen ngadain promo continue ya kak 🙂

My mother who consumes cough, alhamdulillah my mother has cooled down. Really effective in a week

My inflammation has cooled thanks to Ziguravit

The medicine is really effective for me, initially I tried” aja, it turns out that only a few days of taking this medicine my cough has started to heal. Thanks for a lot of ziguravits.

Mr. SantosoPelanggan Ziguravit

Haranya honey I have received, honestly it tastes really good, not sticky on the throat, the honey is really authentic and tastes very good sir. So want to order again

Alhamdulillah has reached honey hara, hopefully can increase the endurance of the body during this pandemic

Amazingly soft, the kids on happy to make bread jam

Mother of Dewi SBYWilanggan Madu Hara

The honey I received yesterday & I tried sir. Thank you for the soft texture sir. I like it and the taste is not too sweet, it does not make you happy.


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