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Tightness in the chest is known as dyspnea which occurs due to the impact of the respiratory wall experiencing inflammation or inflammation. This will create a difficulty breathing and bring up wheezing sounds when breathing, shortness of breath in the chest, and result in coughing. This condition is also claimed to be asthma.

Shortness of breath itself is divided as long-term shortness of breath that usually occurs for a week or more and sudden shortness of breath that occurs suddenly. Shortness of breath that occurs suddenly is generally caused by asthma attacks, allergic reactions, heart problems, and the psychological influence of panic attacks.

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Medications for asthmatics

Because the causes of asthma are also not aligned, then to overcome and treat asthma is also done in a different way.

There are poly ways ranging from taking drugs to inhaled drugs that use breathing aids. Asthma drugs themselves are divided into 2, namely:

1. Long-term asthma medications

Asthma drugs taken in the long term is a drug taken by asthmatics regularly to reduce the risk of asthma attacks. By taking this drug, asthma is needed not often relapse and the disease is better able to be controlled.

Asthma medications taken long-term by prescription are anti-inflammatory drugs such as inhaled corticosteroids combined using the following types of drugs:Long-acting beta agonist

This drug is a bronchodilator that is used using inhaled methods with the aim to open the respiratory tract. Taking long-acting beta agonist drugs along with inhaled corticosteroids can reduce the risk of severe asthma aggression.

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Although its nature becomes a long-term asthma drug, but this drug is stopped from being taken when acute asthma strikes because it can cause damage caused by the asthma.

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Theophylline drugs are also included in the type of bronchodilators used to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring at night. To consume it can be used every day using the purpose of opening the respiratory tract and relaxing the muscles around the respiratory tract to be more relaxed.Leukotrien modifiers

To prevent the body’s natural compounds that cause inflammation, leuoktrien modifier drugs can be used by drinking daily to relieve the signs of asthma from the doctor’s advice and prescription in exclusive conditions.

Drugs classified as leukotrients may cause a number of side effects such as hallucinations, similarities to suicide, depression, and irritability and anxiety.

2. Rapid reaction shortness of breath medication for asthmatics

Acute asthma attacks are characterized by difficulty breathing, wheezing sounds when breathing, shortness of breath, &coughing. The drug needed to overcome the attack must be a drug that has a quick reaction to cure.

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Here are some types of rapid reaction drugs that can be used when an asthma attack arrives, including:Short-acting beta agonist

Similar to using long-term beta agonists, short-term beta agonists are also used using inhaled methods when shortness of breath occurs due to signs of asthma attacking. This drug serves to relax the smooth muscles in the respiratory tract.

The type based on beta short acting agonists itself is divided into two, namely:

Nebulizer: a liquid drug that becomes tiny vapor particles inhaled into the lungs

Portable inhaler: in the form of a liquid medicine but converted as a non-vapor smaller than the vapor nebulizer to be inhaled into the lungs. The use of inhalers that are too frequent and in the long term can put a side-focused effect.

The difference according to long-term beta agonists and short-term beta agonists is in the speed of their reactions. For short-term use of beta agonists, asthma symptoms will subside only at a matter of a few minutes during an asthma attack.

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There are 2 types of corticosteroids that can be taken to relieve inflammation, namely prednisone and methyl prednisolone. The use of the drug when used in the long term can cause a focused impact. Therefore, the consumption of these drugs should not be done in the long term.Ipratropium (Atrovent)

Bronchodilator drugs serve to make the respiratory tract become more relaxed. Because of its rapid reaction, this drug can be used to overcome shortness of breath in chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma aggression.

If you have asthma, try to take some shortness of breath drugs on top, but of course with a doctor’s prescription. If the condition does not improve, then immediately consult and seek treatment to the doctor for further treatment measures.

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