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How to overcome shortness of breath due to coughing is easy we do. A person who experiences shortness of breath due to coughing will certainly be very disturbing and will make him will experience fatigue and weakness quickly. But you don’t need to worry, because we will put some ways to overcome it that must be known.No smoking

Stop smoking becomes a one effective way to deal with shortness of breath caused by the cough. Whether you are an active or passive smoker, cigarettes and cigarette smoke will worsen the condition of cough that can automatically aggravate shortness of breath as well. Because the dangers of smoking for health can be widespread, stop this habit & stay away from cigarette smoke to maintain overall health.Cermai fruit

The second way to overcome is to use cermai grains as the primary ingredient for the treatment you will do. Although the shape based on this fruit is small, but you can not weaken it because the benefits you will get when you consume this fruit will be very great. The way you have to do it is very easy. The first one you boil the grain of the kemai and then you add the onion and also the stick to the container you use to boil. It is recommended to mash the onion before inserting. Strain the water, and last you consume it regularly to be able to heal faster.Garlic

No error if you have a cough and then cough causing shortness of breath and then using garlic as a remedy. This is because the blockage in the lungs or respiratory tract will be relieved. Boil some cloves of garlic that have been peeled and cleaned along with milk & consume it every day regularly.Ginger

Regardless according to the side effects of ginger that you should understand and beware, ginger is a magic spice that will overcome shortness of breath due to coughing. Because it is effective in overcoming bronchitis as well as asthma, of course no doubt, consuming ginger tea will be beneficial for people with shortness of breath due to cough.Strawberry

How to cure shortness of breath caused by coughing the next is to consume strawberry grains. Fruits that contain high vitamin C is red which functions based on vitamin C can help you overcome the problem of shortness of breath caused by coughing. Can also make the grain into juice but you do not need to add any additional ingredients to be used as a sweetener.Mint Leaf Tea

As a respiratory lozen, mint leaves can also be used as a powerful remedy using how to make it a tea – consumed every day until the cough heals & shortness of breath does not occur again. Two-3 sheets of mint leaves can be brewed to be used as tea, consume while warm to relieve shortness of breath.Lemon Juice

Antioxidants from the content of vitamin C offered by the lemon juz is very high as a result will increase the low endurance in your body. If shortness of breath due to cough, automatically drinking juz lemon will cure the cough that also relieves your shortness of breath.Licorice

Licorice root is also good for those of you who have shortness of breath especially caused by the cough. Consume licorice tea a day three-4 times by brewing licorice root to taste & add honey if you want. In addition to shortness of breath due to cough, shortness of breath due to bronchitis & asthma is also ready to be overcome.Shallot

Although there are side effects of onions, this kitchen spice is also known to use its high anti-inflammatory content. For shortness of breath caused by coughing, you relatively consume juz onion extract regularly that will launch the respiratory system safely & effectively derived from excessive consumption.Honey

Make sure you know how to distinguish original and fake honey in order to get the most quality honey and the best decongestant. By consuming honey every day 3 tablespoons, be it exclusively or mixed into a glass of warm water every time you drink, the effect will be felt using well. Shortness of breath is gone & cough will also subside.Eucalyptus Oil

No more errors, eucalyptus oil will help the respiratory tract home relieved either due to cough or other diseases. if you want a simple way, use it by adding a few drops of this oil to a basin of hot water and mix. Inhale the steam for approximately 15 min and do this treatment method regularly.Mustard Oil

Other oils that can effectively relieve shortness of breath due to coughing is mustard oil. Warm first mustard oil to taste & apply this warm oil on the chest and back. Shortness of breath is guaranteed to subside at the same time will create a body that is stricken with cough pain as better.Kenanga Leaves

This plant is mostly only leaves that are used as herbal treatments where generally the leaves will be boiled to the boil, and also generally will be spiked with a little granulated sugar or java sugar to reduce the bitterness caused. After that, the water is filtered & the last is that you just drink it regularly to be able to receive more aporisma ahsil.Clove

As for how to use cloves as an herb to overcome shortness of breath caused by the cough is very easy. First you grow the clove until it is smooth, then you can add honey dough. And the last time you are able to personally eat it and consume the herb regularly to receive maximum results.Bit Root

Provide beet root using medium size along with spinach to taste, 3 carrots, and 1/2 beautiful yam which then the juice can be extracted. Juz extract mixture according to the ingredients can be consumed daily on which only once a day its use & prove its effectiveness.Turmeric

Treatment of shortness of breath caused by coughing the last recommended is by consuming turmeric. As for the way you should do if you want to use turmeric as your treatment ingredient is to use turmeric that you have previously grated first.

Wait for it to boil and until the water shrinks by about half. The next thing you have to do is to filter the water output of turmeric dough and then consume the water that you have filtered earlier regularly so that you can receive more aporisma results.

That’s a number of recommendations how to overcome shortness of breath because of cough that is worth trying. Because the use of natural ingredients is relatively simple, then you can try to rely on it and good luck, hopefully providing the best benefits for you.

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