Cough medicine equals shortness of breath – Herbal lung medicine

Cough medicine is the same as shortness of breath – Cough is a disease caused by the influence of viruses and bacteria. This disease can affect anyone, no age. Especially the body that has decreased immunity. Such a body will be easily infected because it is an antidote or immune body that does not work optimally. Usually cough occurs in the same with other gajala, such as flu and nasal congestion. This cough in daily activities is so disturbing.

Did you know there are various types of diseases that attack the lungs?

The lungs are one of the organs in the human respiratory system. Lung function is very crucial in the body because it can supply oxygen and is useful for metabolic processes.

The primary function of the lungs is as a sense of breathing. When breathing, humans breathe air to receive oxygen and the lungs draw air based on the throat chamber. Then, when exhaled, the rib skeleton is pulled towards the diaphragm at the bottom of the rib cage goes up and little by little the air is pushed out through the throat shaft.

The importance of lung function for human people is required to be permanent to maintain lung health, here are some types of cough disease caused by lung disease.

Tuberculosis (TB), also known by the acronym TB, is a lung infectious disease caused by basil Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease is transmitted from active TB sufferers who cough and secrete small points of saliva and inhalation of healthy people who do not have immunity to this disease. Classic symptoms of active TB infection are chronic cough using sputum or sputum blood spots, fever, night sweats, and weight loss.

Asthma is a type of long-term or chronic disease of the respiratory tract characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways that cause tightness or difficulty breathing. In addition to difficulty breathing, asthmatics are also able to experience other signs such as chest pain, coughing, and wheezing. Asthma is capable of all age groups, whether young or old.

Bronchitis is an infection of the main respiratory tract according to the lungs or bronchi that results in inflammation or inflammation in the ducts. This condition includes being one of the respiratory diseases. Some symptoms caused by bronchitis: Coughing accompanied by slime in grayish yellow or green, sore throat, shortness of breath, nose snot or clogged, pain or discomfort in the chest.

4. Cough Due to Wet Lung

Wet lungs or pneumonia is an infectious disease that triggers inflammation in the air pockets or in the alveolus in one part of the lung, or even both. Wet lungs can cause the aggression (infection) of viruses, fungi, or bacteria to the respiratory system. Cough (with some wet lungs you may cough up greenish or yellow mucus, or even hemorrhagic mucus), fever, which may be mild or high, chills chills.

Those are some of the cough diseases caused by lung mass. Some coughing diseases were a problem focusing on the health of your body because lung disease is classified as a dangerous disease.

Cough medicine caused by some of the above diseases can be treated using antibiotic drugs.

Here is the name of the antibiotic in the pharmacy.

1. Penicilin2. Cephalosporin3. Aminoglycosides4. Tetracycline5. Macrolides6. Fluouroquinoones7. Medications reliever signs

In addition to using drugs from pharmacies you can also use the herbal flora around you to help the treatment of cough disease that does not heal due to lung disease. Here are some natural plants that you can use to treat cough, tightness due to lung disease. Shortness of breath medication due to TB

Hibiscus is one of the traditional medicinal plants that are believed to be efficacious in treating many diseases. Some diseases that can be treated using hibiscus include lung disease, canker sores, goiter, bronchitis, chair disease &gonorhoe.

Bamboo rope has a graceful taste, pait & cooling. Some of the natural ingredients contained in bamboo rope include saponins, such as aglycone and proto-sarsapogenin. In addition, bamboo rope contains asparagines glucose, fructose, five-methoxymethylfufural, &ß-sitosterol. Natural ingredients will enter the meridians of the lungs and kidneys so that they can cleanse the lungs, fertilize yin, and stimulate the production of body fluids. Rope bulbs are medicinal plants whose many properties of consuming rope bulbs are believed to treat coughing blood, tuberculosis, and esophageal pain, breast cancer and beautiful urine.

Melting leaves are one of the herbal plants that have poly health benefits. Many herbalists who believe the leaves can overcome TB disease. In addition to the leaves, this canning root also has many benefits for the health of the body, such as relieving pain, lowering heat and antidotes. To get benefits based on flowers to overcome TB disease, this flower is mandatory in the process of becoming a traditional herb.

Well that’s a little cough disease treatment with traditional, but if you want to use herbal plants must be processed first & use the right dose so leave it to herbal experts to process herbal flora that is considered to cure cough disease due to lung problems. Here I will recommend Lung Medicine that has been trusted by many Indonesian people & has received a license. Detopar & Pipeca

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