10 Most Powerful Dry and Phlegm Cough Remedies Along With Their Price

five mins read by Vera Khairifah on November 10, 2020

Dry cough medicine & most deluded children must be very well known to overcome cough disease using immediately. There are several recommended brands. Check out the following information!

Coughing is actually a reflex of the body to clean the airway based on irritant triggers (e.g. dust, smoke) or sputum.

This natural response occurs to prevent foreign bodies from entering the lower airway.

So, it can be said that coughing is the body’s reaction in preventing dangerous diseases from the entry of foreign objects into the inside of the body.

In the throat and airways, there are still nerves that are sensitive to certain foreign objects or substances.

This nervous sensitivity will send frequency to the brain, then returned to the frequency for coughing to be a reflex or protective response of the body.

There are many types of cough that are commonly suffered by many people. Starting based on a regular cough that appears occasionally into a reflex of the body, dry cough due to irritation, and phlegm cough the impact of mucus that clogs the airways.

To overcome this, you can take the most powerful dry cough and phlegm that is sold freely. (Also Read: 8 Natural Ways to Treat Strep Throat) Recommendations of Dry Cough Medicine & Most Potent Phlegm

Confused to determine the most powerful cough medicine & phlegm? You can read the recommendations through this article.

There are many types and brands of dry cough medicine and the most powerful phlegm that is easy to buy.

Here is the recommendation of dry cough medicine and the most powerful phlegm for you. Siladex ME

The first dry and phlegm cough medicine is Siladex ME. With the content of Bromhexine HCl and Guaifenesin, Siladex ME is suitable for consumption when you suffer from phlegm cough.

Siladex ME comes in the form of packaged syrup starting based on 60 milliliters, and you can buy it at stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

The advantage based on this cough medicine is, you are free according to the effects of drowsiness after taking it, and the content of drugs that are free of sugar and alcohol. It’s safer to consume. OBH Combi

The brand of dry cough medicine and the most sedated OBH Combi has been known to the public for a long time. Its distinctive feature lies in the syrup liquid that is black, thick, and refreshing to the throat.

OBH Combi is very effective at removing phlegm faster. The sensation of relief based on the content of menthol & ginger will also make the itching in the throat area reduced. Woods

Woods becomes the most powerful cough medicine with affordable prices. For a phlegmless cough, you can choose a variant of Woods Antitussive with orange packaging.

Meanwhile, if you have a phlegm cough, choose Woods Expectorant using blue packaging.

Refreshing mint sensansi will make the breath more relieved after swallowing this cough syrup. Vicks Formula 44

Another most potent dry cough syrup is Vicks Formula 44. The active content is Dextromethorphan HBr, & Doxylamine Succinate.

Vicks Formula 44 is for those of you who are suffering from a phlegm cough. The working system will eliminate irritation in the throat and allergy triggers.

The active formula will give a warm feeling in the throat for 8 hours, making you more comfortable based on cough disorders. Actifed

Actifed is the brand of dry cough medicine & the most deluded phlegm for families. Because, children over the age of two years until adults can consume it.

There are two variants of Actifed cough medicine that you can choose according to the type of cough.

First, Actived Plus Cough Suppressant for dry cough accompanied by itching and cold complaints. The packaging is red.

Second, Actived Plus Expectorant for phlegm cough using a green wrap. Nellco Special

Cough complaints are also sometimes accompanied by using flu symptoms such as fever, sneezing, and colds.

When tasting these complaints, try to take drugs with various indications such as Nellco Special.

Nellco Special contains Paracetamol, Clycyrrhiza succus and Ammonium chloride to relieve symptoms of flu & phlegm cough. Bisolvon

Dry cough medicine & most deluded this one has a complete variant, according to using symptoms or complaints felt by cough sufferers.

Variant of Bisolvon Antitussive for coughing is not phlegm, & Bisolvon Elixir for people who experience early signs of phlegm cough.

And Bisolvon Extra for people with phlegm cough that has been relatively severe or lasts for days.

Bisolvon comes with a new form of medicinal syrup along with a mini takar container, a tablet shape that is easy to drink. (Also Read: 8 Safe & Natural High Blood Pressure Drugs) 8. Benadryl

Similar to Actifed, Benadryl is also the most powerful cough medicine for families.

Children aged 6 years until adults are able to take this cough medicine using safely.

For phlegm cough, choose the Benadryl Wet Cough variant using blue packaging. This variant contains the active substance Bromhexine HCl & Guaifenesin which effectively secretes phlegm.

While make a dry cough with itching due to irritation &allergy, choose the Original Benadryl variant with red wrap.

The active substance contained in Benadryl Original is Diphenhydramine HCl & Ammonium Chloride. Laserin

If you prefer the consumption of herbal cough medicine in the form of herbal syrup, then Laserin as the perfect choice.

Laserin uses natural ingredients such as ginger, cloves, betel, cinnamon and saga leaves to relieve any kind of cough.

Because it is made from natural materials, then you do not need to hesitate to consume it in sync using instructions for use.

Laserin is also conducive to being consumed by the elderly also mak hamil.10. Konidin

The last and only tablet-shaped cough medicine is Konidin.

Konidin is intended for all types of cough, ranging from dry cough, phlegm, to exclusive allergic impact cough.

The contents include Guaifenesin, Dextromethorphan HBr, and Chlorpeniramine maleate.

Keep in mind, this cough medicine will cause the effect of drowsiness. So, you should not consume it when going to drive, yes.

That’s the list of recommendations for the most potent cough medicine . Make sure you take any medication in accordance with the instructions and dosage of use.

If you have an exclusive medical history or are on your doctor’s watch, always make it a habit to consult before taking any medication.

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