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JAKARTA – Never underestimate the spine pain & chest tightness, you must be vigilant. Especially if there is breathing time. It could be a signal of a more focused medical condition. There are times when back pain is so sharp, the most likely cause is inflammation, infection in the chest or spine and lung cancer.

Back pain when breathing is also an emergency, such as a heart attack or pulmonary embolism. Especially in people who experience shortness of breath or chest pain.

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What causes spinal pain and chest tightness when breathing?  Is this condition mandatory to be consulted immediately to the doctor? Scoliosis

Scoliosis can cause back pain when breathing. This is a condition on which the position of the spine curves nir at its ideal position. This condition can affect people of various ages, although it generally appears in adolescents &young adults.

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In some people, the spine can be so twisted that it increases extra pressure on the lungs as a result of which sufferers have difficulty breathing. Symptoms of scoliosis include:Pain.A feeling of weakness and numbness in the hands & feet.Position the shoulders, hips and lame ribs.Difficulty standing up straight.Running problemsShort breath.

The treatment of scoliosis depends on how far curves occur in the spine. For people with mild to moderate curves, your doctor may recommend the use of a brace or corset. While for more severe problems, maybe surgery is the solution. Heart Attack, Causing Spine Pain & Chest Tightness

In some cases, back pain while breathing can be a symptom according to heart aggression. This is life-threatening and requires immediate medical help. A heart attack occurs when the blood-to-heart genre suddenly becomes blocked by a blood clot. Some of the symptoms are:Pain.Feeling depressed and full on the chest.Pain in one or two arms.Jaw pain.Short breath.The head feels light.Dizziness & vomiting.

People who experience these signs should immediately visit a medical expert. Treatment depends largely on the type and level of cardiac aggression. When heart aggression is very heavy, the doctor may perform catheterization through the groin or wrist to open the blocked artery.

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Illustration: Spine Pain and Chest Tightness

Carrying heavy loads can put additional weights on the back, joints &other parts of the body. Some people who are obese will feel very uncomfortable breathing time, pain time to breathe in. Losing weight, using a calorie-limiting diet and regular exercise can relieve back and joint pain.

But if it is difficult to maintain health using managing their own weight, obese people should consult a doctor. Because there is a possibility that there are hormonal related things such as low thyroid function. Lung Cancer, Spinal Pain and Chest Tightness

Chronic severe cough is an early symptom according to lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is often asymptomatic at the beginning of its appearance. But there are times when chest pain that gets worse when breathing deeply or coughing becomes a characteristic error of one characteristic.

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If the cancer spreads to other organs, it could be that sufferers will taste bone pain, especially in the back and hips. Also tumors in the lungs can press on nerves in the spine, causing patients to find it difficult to breathe as well as back pain. Some other signs of lung cancer include:Chronic cough.Bleeds when the stone or mucus empties.Recurrent airway infections.Short breath.Practically sneezing.Hoarseness.It’s hard to swallow.Losing weight without because.Losing your favorite meal.

The treatment or treatment of lung cancer is very dependent on various factors, namely:Type of lung cancer.Location, size and severity of cancer.Holistic health of the patient.

Treatment or ways to treat among them surgery, radiation therapy &chemotherapy. Kyphosis

Kyphosis is a condition in which the spine curves forward as a result of which the posture bends forward. This condition is able to arise during the growth of adolescence, due to spinal cord injury or the impact of the aging process. Kyphosis is also able to cause back pain, swelling and imbalance. Symptoms of kyphosis can worsen with time and time can cause difficulty breathing or eating in some people.

Treatment or how to treat kyphosis can include physical therapy, the use of corsets, the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen for example. For severe kyphosis doctors may recommend surgery such as spinal fusion. Pulmonary embolism, Spinal Pain and Chest Tightness

Pulmonary embolism or pulmonary embolism arises when a blood clot appears in the error of one artery supplying blood to the lungs. This condition can clog the blood genre, even can be life-threatening. People with pulmonary embolism may often feel deep breathing pain, and pain in the upper back. Other symptoms of pulmonary embolism include:Chest pain.Cough – maybe cough up blood.A fast heartbeat.The head feels light.Swollen feet

Pulmonary embolism is an emergency condition that medical experts must treat once these symptoms arise. Treatment options begin based on the use of anticoagulant drugs to break down blood clots and surgical mechanisms to remove blood clots.7.Pleurisy

Pleurisy is an inflammation in the pleura, which are two thin membranes that restrict and protect the chest cavity and lungs. This inflammation can make breathing difficult and result in a sharp piercing that is able to spread to the shoulders and back. Other symptoms of pleurisy are shortness of breath, cough and fever.

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Injury, infection and cancer can cause pleurisy, and in some people can trigger autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. The treatment of pleurisu depends on the cause. For example, the doctor will put antibiotics to overcome bacterial infections. Steroid drugs can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Pneumonia

Pneumonia or pneumonia is an infection caused by the bag in the lungs that are filled with fluid. This condition can exist in one or both lungs. The reasons can vary, but you may feel pain in the chest, stomach and back when breathing or coughing. Other symptoms according to pneumonia include:Fever & cold.Cough & sputum.Shortness of breathLoss of appetite.Sneeze.Vomiting

When the cause of the infection is bacterial, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. If due to the virus some other treatment may be needed. Severe pneumonia may make the patient have to be hospitalized. How to Deal with Back Pain and Shortness of Breath

Those who complain of severe, persistent and increasingly severe back pain should contact a doctor immediately. It is the right way to overcome complaints of back pain and shortness of breath.

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This becomes even more important when back pain is followed by tingling and numbness in the hands and feet. Other symptoms that must be watched out for such as:Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.A heavy cough or a bloody cough.A mild sense of the chairman or loss of enlightenment.Pain in one or two arms.Swelling in the legs.Limp & numbness. (***)

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