8 Natural Shortness of Breath Remedies, Able to Relieve Asthma to Pneumonia

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Natural shortness of breath medicine can be a solution for those of you who have a case in the respiratory tract, but are not happy to use drugs according to doctors. When traced, indeed most of this shortness of breath is related to the condition of the lungs &heart. Because these two organs are used to travel oxygen and carbon dioxide according to and to all bodies.

Shortness of breath is also generally closely related to various diseases. For example, asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), COVID-19, heart aggression, low blood pressure, respiratory tract blockage, blood loss in poly amounts, to pneumonia. Well, this natural shortness of breath drug is able to reach into a role to overcome it.

In addition to easy to find, this shortness of breath drug can also be planted yourself in a place to live. And if you want to buy, the price is also not too expensive & in the market many sell. Many refer to this natural shortness of breath remedy as an herbal remedy.

And before deciding to consume, it’s good to pay attention to whether this natural shortness of breath drug is effective & already based in scientific research. It would be better if before consuming consulted first with a doctor or medical energy. Well here is an explanation of natural shortness of breath drugs that have been Liputan6.com, Wednesday (quarter/2020) summarized from many sources. Natural Shortness of Breath Remedies Ginger (iStockphoto)1. Ginger

Natural shortness of breath remedies such as ginger are considered to relieve shortness of breath, especially such as asthma. It is known that ginger is able to relieve shortness of breath because it has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties, and is able to prevent the release of histamine.

In addition, ginger can also make the muscles in the respiratory tract become more relaxed. However, before taking it it is better to consult a doctor first because it is feared will interfere with the effectiveness of other drugs that are being consumed.

two. Black Cumin/Habatussauda

Natural shortness of breath remedies such as black cumin or often considered habatussauda are considered able to relieve coughing, strengthen lung function, and in wheezing symptoms.

This drug has been used since 2,000 years ago, but the effectiveness of respiratory tract treatment using shortness of breath drugs is not as effective when using the drug salbutamol. Natural Shortness of Breath Remedies Green and Fruit (origin: iStockphoto)3. Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Natural shortness of breath drugs that from the grain are rich in vitamin C, it is believed to prevent the effects of damage done by inflammatory cells in the lungs. Because indeed if the human body lacks vitamin C, it will certainly have an impact on the risk of chronic lung inflammation.

As is the case for asthmatics who lack vitamin C, they will tend to experience asthma symptoms more often than usual. But the effectiveness of vitamin C to treat inflammation in the lungs is still mandatory supported using other research.

4. Food using Betakaroten

Natural shortness of breath medicine that comes according to culinary with high betakaroten, is considered to be able to relieve diseases related to using breathing. For example, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that is not uncommon for smokers. It also helps prevent bronchitis.

Foods containing betakaroten can be obtained based on groups of grains and vegetables that are detailed in color. For example, fruits and vegetables with red, orange, and yellow hue pigments. However, treatments that rely on betakaroten require further research to be able to test their effectiveness. Natural Shortness of Breath Remedy5. Ginseng

Natural shortness of breath remedies from ginseng is considered to inhibit inflammation, prevent cell damage in the respiratory tract, and can relieve the symptoms of COPD.

Ginseng has been worn since used to overcome diseases related to using shortness of breath. This plant is easy to find and easy to grow in Indonesia. Even this plant has been poly grown in China, Korea, to Siberia.

But even so, treatment for the respiratory tract is still mandatory to be reviewed again about its effectiveness. And it would be better, before taking ginseng is consulted first with a doctor or medical personnel.

6. Sweet Root

Natural shortness of breath remedies based on sweet roots are believed to dilute sputum and help remove phlegm to relieve breathing.

One study said this sweet root can improve lung function and help prevent asthma attacks.

But the effectiveness and safety of this beautiful root is still very little researched and of course still has to be reviewed. Natural Shortness of Breath Remedies7. Eucalyptus Oil

Natural shortness of breath remedy that is original according to eucalyptus oil is considered to have anti-bacterial effects that often cause disorders of the respiratory tract. This eucalyptus oil has the original name of eucalyptus essentials.

Its use is quite easy. Can apply it personally or also drip it into warm water and then inhale steam to relieve the respiratory tract.

8. Pappermint

Natural shortness of breath drugs that come from papermint is considered to relieve shortness of breath due to asthma. Papermint can be found in toothpaste, chewing gum, & mouthwash. Not only that but this drug is widely used for topical drugs or rubbing drugs.

But the effectiveness of pappermint is still very little researching & certainly still have to be reviewed again.

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